TEXT TOPIC: What is your sex injury story?

I once sliced my husbands sclera (the white part of his eye)with my finger nail while changing positions during sex. Required an ER visit and eye patch.

dislocated my finger, inside my girlfriend. She climaxed , tightened up, arched her back, and POP, there goes my knuckle

when you're fooling around in the kitchen and he puts you up on the stove make sure the burner is off. Sister had a long recovery from that one

My wife was on top going to town and wanted to turn around for reverse cowgirl, but she tried to do it while still doing it and it felt like she almost ripped my fireman off! It hurt for days!

My wife and I had a time that as we were adjust some how some way she ended up scratching my side and stomach didn''t realize till after and there was blood everywhere. I still have scars from it.

my knee popped out of place and we had to pop it back into place

Took a case once wife nude tied to bed hub jumped from dresser to "save" her wearing only Cape and batman mask. Knocked out but ceiling fan. Neighbors call in screaming woman. We had to break in.

I was giving my husband a blowjob and My tongue ring got stuck in his hole and kind of ripped a little bit and made it bleed and he didnt go to the doctors because he was in the Marines and it s against their rules or regulations no oral sex.

1st time w new bf, turned out i was allergic to his condoms, AND gave me yeast infection AND a UTI...my lady bits were like the fires of mordor!

went to switch positions and I got a Charlie horse in my leg & to counteract I straightened my leg and kicked my hubby's goods

went to slap my girlfriend's butt but hit my two boys instead. OMG...so much pain

have broken my nose on the head Board of the bed

my sister & her bf were getting it on in a hotel on the dresser and the mirror broke and sliced her thigh. She had to get stitches

I was dismounting from the rear and fell off the bed and landed on my ribs on the footboard. Bruised ribs for 2 weeks.

slipped and it popped the inner lip. 1.5 inch long incision. Ending up needing stitches

was in the bathtub and squatted down and came down hard on the faucet. Badly bruised

a jar full of change fell off the headboard hit me in the forehead. Instant crying. Husband asked if he could finish!!

ended up scratching him really hard with my teeth. Mood was killed when he saw he was bleeding

doing it in the bathroom I slipped on my shorts on the floor put her head into the wall knocked her out cold woke up concussion

My husband I were in our early 20''s and thought doing the deed on a pool table would be SO HOT! What was actually hot was my back as I was getting friction burns on my from the felt. Pretty sure I still have a scar

Me and my husband are over 40. It almost every time we either have a charley horse or our hip goes out

I was arching my back too much for too long, it was a little sore but I didn''t think too much about it. Then next day I moved just right and tweaked it so bad I couldn''t move. I ended up having to take a muscle relaxer that knocked me out all day. My husband had to miss work and tell people I was sick ha ha

wanted to spice things up with some icy Hot on my husband. Not good. Psa: don t use, and don t get in the shower after to cleanit up. #Spicy

My ex accidentally hit the wrong hole with full force. I started crying. He stopped for a second and then continued on even though I was in so much pain.

When I was single and Pregnant I decided to hook up with my daughter''s dad we we''re going pretty rabbit style and it accidentally slipped out of and went deep deep deep down the dark rabbit hole very hard LOL ended up having to go to the hospital and getting stitches on the dark side. I''m pretty sure the nurses still talk about me to this day it was very embarrassing but also hilarious

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