TEXT TOPIC: Been paying on something for a long time but didn't know?

my husband has been paying for aol mail until a few months ago

Cable company has been charging me an extra $90 a month for a box I never owned.

Netflix. Somehow my second account got activated using the same card. I was looking at my bank account and you can pull up payment history to a company.

I had signed up for a monthly pass at a car wash. Asked the girl if it auto renewed and she said no. So after one month I didn’t bother and didn’t go back for 6 months. They didn’t need payment on my return because I had a pass. Made them cancel it then and I wasn’t happy. Thanks 16 year old girl!

When I was in high school my dad ordered me an acne line not knowing it was a subscription. Every month it came and I’d be the first one home and take it from the front porch down to my bathroom. Probably 5 months went by and my dad finally found out and cancelled it (5x$50)

my mom paid for 15 years for a phone number. come to find out that they hadn't been providing the service for that entire time.

my daughter purchased an app that was $14.99/mo that I didn''t know about it. She quickly deleted it from her phone, thinking that would cancel the monthly charge.....8 months later I discovered I was paying for an app that she never even used

went to a free resume site. Made my resume then paid $2 to print it. Little did I know it signed me up for a monthly $35 fee that it automatically signed me up for. I found out 7 months later..

paid $200.00 for a coloring app I used twice. I never knew I subscribed to anything that cost money cause they app was "free"

bought a house in February. Called the HOA off my closing docs and the lady told me to just pay online. I got a notice my HOA hasn''t been paid once.I''ve been paying the wrong HOA

I signed up for a leggings company and forgot it was on an account I don''t normally use. I payed $50 a month autopay and when I realized I had almost $800 to spend on leggings.

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