TEXT TOPIC: What do you adore about your spouse?

my fiancé is amazing with my kids, not his biological kids but he treats and loves him like his own. He also helps keep the house clean :)

My husband is the hardest worker for our family so I can stay home with our 4 precious kiddos I will forever be grateful for that

I adore that my wife believes in me. Starting grad school next month, having a baby in Nov and she knows I can do it!

He puts me first and encouraged me to quit my toxic job and find something that will make me happy (while we just bought a new house. He’s taken on all the financial )

my husband stays at home w our kids. He sacrificed his career7 years ago because he is devoted to giving our kids the best life possible. It’s not easy for men to stay home and he does it. I adore him for always putting his family first. Currently he’s going back to school for his MBA all the while taking care of kids and the home. Oh and also- he’s a giving lover =''d ha ha ha... but seriously

I adore the way he loves me! After 4 kids and 13 years together he still always makes me feel beautiful & loved

I love that no matter how negative the world looks to me he always manages to show me something positive, that and he cooks for us

I absolutely adore how humble my husband is. He never complains, he never brags, he never sit around to pitty himself. He always puts his loved ones first, and I truly feel like there''s no other love like the kind he has. Love you babe!

I adore how patient he is with me and how he's willing to adventure with me

I love my wife's ridiculously warm hands. I've called them oven mitts cause they feel like she just pulled them out of the oven. Very loving.

I adore my wife's excitement about house hunting, she is super stoked for us to have some kitty cats.

i have a great hubby but he''s an amazing dad to our 2yr old, which makes me love him even more. He also has beautiful eyes and a great butt and he gets super embarrassed when I compliment him about them, which I love!

I love when my husband laughs and jokes around. With so much stress in our lives that is my favorite thing about him! The other favorite thing is when he spends time with our boys! Teaching them things or just cheering them on. Sexiest thing by far!

My hubby is beyond amazing I have a chronic Illness so on top of working he takes care of me and the kids and never complains we need more men like him

my hubby takes care of all of our cars. We save so much money not having to take them into the shop, he's amazing with any and all things motorized

I adore that my hubs knows that I need alone time sometimes & that he lets me be the crazy dog lady I am. Love you, lover.

I adore that my husband is behind me 100%. Whether I''m in good health or not, he''s always besides me. My body just got paralyzed for no reason, and he is always there assisting me with whatever I need. He is my rock!!

he is so witty! And he can cry if he gets emotional and I love that about him! Great dad to our 5 kids (including twins at the end)!

I love when my wife makes my lunch for work and puts her cute little letters in there for me to make my day better

My wife is an Amazing Mother to our 6 kids, and Grandma to our 5 grandkids, but she takes care of me as a Disabled Veteran. She knows my needs before I do just by my body language. I love her attentiveness.

after about 11/12 yrs of marriage I finally realized who was my rock my support my everything in life Jason you have put up w/so much I thank you

I have a lot of bad qualities. I'm blessed to have her because she has the patience and helps me better and. Get rid of those bad qualities

one thing I adore about my man is how different he is from me. Where I''m weak, he''s strong and visa versa. We balance each other so well and are constantly learning from one another and I''m so thankful for it.

I adore how my bf makes me laugh, the way he loves me and makes me feel beautiful everyday..and how thoughtful and sweet he is

My wife is a stay at home mom and goes above and beyond every single day. She is true to herself and knows she can be happy and does not have to try and compete with other girls. She doesn''t need to post on Soc media to be happy because I give her compliments all day long.

he is very loving and patient. We've known each other our whole life and he reminds me of childhood memories. He's an amazing dad!

My boyfriend never fails to make me laugh and is the most generous person I have ever met! Our sense of humor and personalities match so well. I appreciate all that he Does for me! I also never thought I''d find someone who loves my rambunctious, adorable Ripley as much as I do but he is always showering her with cuddles and it warms my dog mom heart!

how my boyfriend cares for me. He is such a hard working guy and takes such good care of me and our little boy. He makes me a better me! He has taught me to always look out for myself first. I love you, Andrew!

How many times he has forgave me

Luv that my husband is mellow. I'm super high strung & he reminds me life should be enjoyed & nothing is that bad

I love my spouse because he took on my son from a previous relationship and loves him as his own. Step parents are amazing and it takes a real special person.

i adore how intelligent my husband is and how intense his work ethic is. It''s unreal. I also love how he takes care of me and our son. We want for nothing and he is so responsible. I''m so blessed.

my husband is an amazing person and my best friend. He is an amazing mechanic and will help anyone with anything they need worked on. He never stopsworking and helping others. I love him, and so lucky he''s mine.

it''s our 10 year anniversary today and I couldn''t imagine going through life with anyone else. I''ve loved watching my husband become a father, and how selfless he is. He makes sure his family is taken care of before anything else. He actually is pretty funny, but I’ll never admit that to him. He’s just simply the best!!

I adore how patient my husband is. I own 3 businesses and my schedule is hectic and he just rolls with it

My husband Alberto is the SHIZ!! He''s a full time student up at the U AND works full time at a job he hates so I can go back to school after 10 years and not have to worry about a job. He''s my everything. Thank you baby!!!

I love that my husband wants to help others with their dreams. He has helped a family raise $ to travel to UT to go see a sick boy see his favorite band KISS. He puts others first. He his a great dad. He makes me laugh.

I adore that my husband tells me I’m beautiful everyday since we met. Makes me feel like a million bucks. I adore that he took on my 2.5 year old and 7 month old 7 years ago without hesitation. Have to be transparent and say I don''t think I could do the same for someone. Now we have one of our own and one on the way (Utah; REPRESENT). Lol love ya Maxi baby

I adore the kind of Mother Sherri is, how her kids gather on her bed just to talk. Now, she's added my kids! I love how we can just talk, she gets me!

I adore that my hubby puts up with my crazy a** and all my mood swings. He is a saint!

I wanna Wish my hubby a happy 30th birthday, and tell him I adore him for how hard he works he is gone for 20 days out of the month but even from far he puts his family first!

I feel like I have to chime in because it''s my 2 year anniversary lol. Jord I love you genuine you are a hard worker and you take great care of me and our dogs

My husband is the most amazing husband and dad he cares and put his family first and always helps bring my spirits up when people judge us harshly

I'm grateful my husband feeds me ASAP when I'm grumpy. Love you jdog

I adore the kind of Mother she is, how her kids gather on her bed just to talk. Now, she''s added my kids! I love how we can just talk! She holds me just right! She gets me!

I adore my husbands commitment to his health/fitness. He is knowledgeable, prepared, willing to help me keep my commitment to mine!

i love that my husband is my best friend ! Thanks for always being so giving in the bedroom and always leaving me satisfied

I cant say enough about my husband. He is funny and caring and very attentive to our children. He is the man I always hoped I would have.

when i know where my husband is I'll find his truck and leave him notes on the windshield ;) he loves it

I adore that my husband tells me I''m beautiful everyday since we met. Makes me feel like a million bucks. I adore that he took on my 2.5 year old and 7 month old 7 years ago without hesitation. Have to be transparent and say I don''t think I could do the same for someone. Now we have one of our own and one on the way (Utah; REPRESENT). Lol love ya Maxi baby

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