TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a kid that you have nothing in common with?

my dad is very much invested in his religion. So much that I have a hard time talking to him bc he doesn't know how to talk about much else

I love Books. Love to read. ESP Harry Potter. ALL of my 4 kids have no interest.

I have nothing in common with my mom, my dad passed when I was young and her and I just never bonded. So much so, she doesn''t even know my likes or dislikes.i know hers though.

my mom is very religious and I’m not. She is offended by every little thing and is kind of a negative nancy. We don’t have anything in common, and when I see people posting pictures with their moms and talking about their close relationships it makes me really emotional that I’ve never known what that feels like

growing up my mother and I had nothing on common. She loved shopping and I'd rather stay home and watch my team's play. We're still not close

mom & I are opposites. She's all about name brands, makeup 24/7, & overall appearances. I never lived up to her expectations = no relationship

Growing up I was 1/4 boys that loved sports, but my Dad was never into them at all. As a Dad, 3/4 of my sons don''t like Sports and I''m on the other side of it. It''s hard on both sides to be included or inclusive.

It's my mom. I have outgrown her. She still acts like she's 17. We will sit in silence because she has no opinions on anything. She doesn't learn.

My mom was a drug addict throughout my childhood years. That made me grow up a lot faster. Well, now, she''s 12 years sober and we have nothing in common. I''m 24 with an old, geriatric soul while she''s the exact opposite. Makes relating to each other really difficult.

my husband and I have seven girls and no boys. It''s hard for him because they''re all about dance, gymnastics, cheerleading. Very girly and he loves basketball Xbox and hunting ha ha. He does get them to get them to go hunting with him on occasion.

my bio mom. Political views, world views how I raise my kids. I'm glad she's not my actual mom

only child, mom always wanted her little girl to sew and garden and play dress up. Since day one I''ve been into sports, Tom boy and outdoors. I''mvery positive and happy, she''s drama and negative. So we can not bond physically or emotionally.

My daughter has bonded more with my husband''s likes. They like the same movies sports books & music..they are all about KISS. Lol sometimes I feel like the 3rd wheel.

a friend of ours LOOOVES soccer, his kids (5 boys) played for awhile and then decided to stop and go play Volleyball. It crushed him.

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