TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family that got married and then they changed?

I changed. My friends&fam would say I'm an ass now. I say I have boundaries & I'm not afraid to say no. I like the new me. It's way less exhausting.

my sister in law. Chill to nazi crazy. Used to talk, no make up and sweats were her fav clothes. Now she has to have nails, eyelashes, clothes the whole thing. We can’t even talk anymore. Too high maintenance.

my cousin and I were like siblings growing up until he met his now wife back in jr high. He used to be so outgoing, now he is antisocial, avoids me.Our kids don''t even play together

my mom changes after meeting her 29 yr old BF for the worse. Cut us out doesn't see her grandkids parties like she's 21 and really is an embarrassment

I changed for the good. Happy friendly etc. my family said I was a rude meanie and not fun to be around until I divorced my first husband and remarried.

my brother recently, its weird i cant tell who i am texting because his wife texts/speaks for him, he has never been like that before.

my hubby changed. He became selfish and still is. It''s all about him. He has a temper and attitude and our kids hate him. I''ve tried talking to him. He used to give me cards and flowers before marriage now not one thing. Sparks are dim

my brother married a super lds girl in the temple. He hasn't spoken to us in 13 years cause we aren't.

older bro. 3 wives. Original loved 80's rock and preppy music. 1st wife country, 2 todays rock, 3rd country and now gf back to 80's rock.

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