TEXT TOPIC: Do you cry at work?

2-3x a week! New job... boss is an a- hole...looking for something new already, only been at this job 90 days!

I used to be the 5% In the three years since I've left that job i've cried only twice. Don't be afraid to take the leap to a better life.

I cry 3 x per week. Boss is a B. She is sexist against women. She has driven almost all of the women to quit. We hate it here.

I cry at least once a month sometimes every week. I am an oncology nurse and deal with a lot of sad situations, patients get difficult diagnosis, struggles with treatment etc. I cry with my pts and family''s and I''m not ashamed. Crying is sometimes a good/healthy outlet.

when my boss yelled at me for reminding him about something. My last day is Friday :)

my boss told me there would no longer be a job for me at the daycare in a few months. I had worked there for 5 years. She told me while I still had2 hours left of my shift and then told me she had to leave early and left

After working as an intern for 8 months I applied for and "official manager" position. I walked to my desk and my team started cheering and clapping for me. I then saw my manager sign at my desk with my name. After an hour later, an announcement was made saying that they haven’t chosen who got the job yet and that it was miscommunication. They also took my sign. I cried and cried and cried of embarrassment. I later got the job down the road.

Just cried at my job last night! I found out I don't get any maternity leave since I have not been there just cried at my job last night!

Last time I cried at work was in October. I was in a meeting and stepped out to take a call and it was Chicago pd to tell me my dad died. I don''t cry at work often

our CFO is a terrorists and a bully. She talks down to us and makes rude comments to everyone and about everyone.

I work at a hospital. I cry behind closed doors after a patient has died or if I have to assist in poking a kiddo

I cried at work recently because of my coworker who is also my relative. He is a huge JERK!

I work for an apartment community, we get called pretty harsh names. Sometimes it gets to me but not always. You have to build tough skin for this industry.

I cried at work for the first time last week.one of co workers who has been trying to get pregnant for years miscarried

I cried last week. I dont cry often but sometimes cry when I''m angry and cant control that so have to run to the bathroom because I get red and blotchy for hours. I cried last week because I found out my company sold and we are all going to be out of a job soon. They won''t announce until it happens. Which is soon :(

I cry at work 1-5 days a week. Friday was the last time. It is due to my husband passing away & grief knowing no boundaries.

cried at work last week, first time ever. In front of boss. Was sexually harassed by a customer and cried out of frustration! Ugh

Only ever cried once, I was quitting because I couldn''t hit the time requirements at that call center because I am hard of hearing. I have never not excelled at a job so I was embarrassed and frustrated

I am a nurse so the last time I cried at work was when I had to do CPR on someone. Even though we train for it, it''s still emotionally draining to have to do CPR on someone.

7 years ago when I worked as a teller I had a hard time balancing even though I worked really hard at balancing my drawer. Bad perform. reviews had me crying and that I couldn''t balance

cried 8 mo''s ago at work, my supervisor has anger issues and just verbally came at me, like an idiot and out of respect for his position I sat and took it. I told the higher ups no do overs next time is an EEOC complaint. My husband still wants to beat his ass 

I had to leave work to be with my kids when my husband had an emergency, my boss flipped and I just said, I''m a mom first and I''m leaving! I cried as I was walking out from anger.

New job, boss is an anger man, talks to me like I''m an idiot! I''m new, just learning. Now I''m afraid to questions.. looking for another job already.. never have I ever had anyone talked to me like he does!!!

I cried at work about 2 weeks ago thinking about my cat, Ashleigh that passed away back in 2015. Sometimes it just come on and a few tears come out. Miss my ashes!

I''ve cried twice at this job. Once on my birthday. My boss gave me $200, a cake, and balloons. And once right before my trip to Disneyland he gave me $1000 bonus!

I work from home so I cry all the time, whenever I need to

when I cry at work, it's usually for joy my clients have been able to close on a wonderful home for them and their family

male and I cried yesterday and Monday. Power hungry boss does not know difference between Constructive criticism and instead she full on attacks...brutal

I fell 30' onto cement steps landed feet first and broke my foot in 9 places. It hurt so bad I cried like a baby

I cry all the time at work! Daily. I do not like my job and am not sure what to do.

worked for an attorney 13 years ago. He was verbally manipulative and pitted employees against each other. I cried daily.

I'm a hospice CNA I cried on Monday when I was with my patient when she passed away

I almost cry everyday. I am a special education teacher. Love these babies, but man it is hard

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