TEXT TOPIC: What TV show do you make your spouse watch with you?

Ghost adventures cause I’m a pansy and we live in a really old house (1890) which helps make it super creepy. My hubby thinks I’m ridiculous but puts up with it.

LUCIFER! And now he loves it. We're both crushing hard on Tom Ellis

I make my wife watch Meat Eater, on Netflix. It's a hunting show. I want her to see what I go through when I'm hunting.

I make my fiance watch America's got talent

90 day fiance. Before the 90 days. Reminds him how good he has it.

I make my wife watch on my dumb car shows the only one she really cares for is diesel brothers

my bf makes me watch the Barrett Jackson auction. FOR THREE DAYS! We're both 43. Oh how I love him.

I make mine watch the kardashians and now he loves it and is obsessed with Scott Disick. Also, lifetime movies! I’ve came home and he will be watching them without me #offended

my 600 pound life

my wife used to make me watch teen mom with her... now do voluntarily

Married at first sight! It's a train wreck and my hubby gets so irritated with the ppl but watches it with me anyways

all my wife's shows, Jane the virgin, Veronica Mars, and Heartland

hubs watched greys anatomy with me while we were dating out of the goodness of his heart. Now he's obsessed. Always rewatching the series.

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