TEXT TOPIC: What is your Pet Peeve about your spouse?

3 pet peeves, hubby that Hand towel is for u to dry your clean hands off, not your leftover toothpaste on your mouth.there is a dirty clothes hamper 5 feet away from the floor where u drop them. And really.. u aren''t an alcoholic, u just drink 2 stiff drinks every night. You''re killing me! smalls!

Put the effing toilet paper on the roller!!

My fiance's a Remote control hog!!!!

my Husband leaves cups, soda cans, coffee mugs everywhere! Put them in the damn sink and dump it out not that hard!

hubby won't use the last inch of milk before opening a new gallon... He says it's the "gross part"

my husband doesn't cough into his elbow (like he should) and I CANT stand it!!

my pet peeve is my fiance absolutely refuses to talk on the phone or call people even when it's important like a bill, family, etc

my boyfriend liked to comment on other girls social media talking about what a babe they are. And talk to his friends who are women and say stuff like I love you I miss you. Might kick him to the curb real soon

My husbands biggest pet peeve about me is that I love to pick the mozzarella off of HIS papa Murphy's pizza

been a year since we've had sex. Come on now!

when ever my husband gets something outta the microwave. He always leaves a few seconds on the microwave. It's not a bomb just press the clear button.

my husband has an annoying habit of turning out the lights in the house. This is normally okay, but he has a tendency to do it when I am still using the lights! Drives me insane!

My boyfriend pretends he knows everything. Whenever I say something he says yeah or I know even when I know he doesn't

Hubby, quit texting me things to get done at home while you are at work. I have two babies to take care of. You worry bout yourself.

hubby mumbles so bad! I say huh and he doesn't speak up the next time!

my husband camps out in the fast lane ... Move b*tch get outta da way!!

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