TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Agressive text?

If you are flying please be courteous and let the person in the middle seat have the arm rest and don''t manspread!!!!!! Holding yourself rigid for 2hours because of those 2 things is painful ya jerks!

Josh I know it was you that put all those screws at the end of my driveway because I caught you on camera Let's just say karma is a b****

to my step mom, don't tell me & my siblings not to leave out our step siblings from dinners but you leave us out of your family vacations!

what kind of mom doesn't let her kid talk to their dad when they are at your house? Not even a 5 minute phone call?! Especially when their dad picks up

Put the effing toilet paper on the roller!!

stop volunteering for everything and then pushing it to us because it's in our "wheelhouse." We don't have time!

to a certain Farmington Station new restaurant that opened yesterday cough cough, it would be nice that management would it make you feel like an imposition when they require you to ask questions and get manager approvals for every single thing that they do. Stop making your staff feel stupid encourage them and teach them

Sure! You can totally message other girls since we aren't together. I mean, it didn't stop you while we were together anyway! #yesiknew

I''m really bothered that my ex boyfriend and I split after seven years but he didn''t tell me why he broke up with me he just said it wasn''t going to work out anymore

figure out how to drop off and pick up your kid now that school has started. Don''t get out of your car and pull ALL the way forward. Your kid doesn''thave to be dropped off right in front of the doors. Come on parents, it''s not that hard.

You owe me $35 you millennial turd!! What a jerk!!

try listening to the constant complaints from students and staff about your esthetics department.... The management is the problem!!!!!

IT'S NOT MY JOB TO FIX YOUR MISTAKES!! If you can't be bothered to pay attention and do it right, don't do it at all!!!

come to work and do your job! Stop gossiping in the corner! Mabey if you worked you would not always be behind!

Good job getting back together with your abusive, alcoholic, drug-abusing boyfriend for the 100th time because you''re lonely. Yes, I''m sure he''s TOTALLY changed and it will be different this time and not AT ALL hard on your kids.

To all the family out there that thinks that they''re going to get money when their parents pass away and they don''t even take care of them or see them or anything at all - out of sight, out of mind- check again, not happening!

the next time you interrupt me during a meeting the claws will come out and I will embarrass you, m'kay pumpkin?!

good bye old job! 250 paycheck to provide for a fam of 5! Not sure how you keep people there unless... use your imagination

Hey roommates, you're dirty, disrespectful and I hate everything you do. I want my house back, get the f out.

To the lady driving the white car who tried merging into my lane this morning on the freeway, thank God I was able to slam on my brakes! Whatever conversation you were having could wait. Please pay attention when you’re driving, especially on the freeway. I have a 2 year old that could have ended up without a mom today.

you flash ME, I get guilted into apologizing b/c you cried, do absolutely nothing but text and do hw @ work and get a new position. I didn''t realize the world revolves around YOU!

hey boss, appreciate the bonus but why did you give my colleague the same amount when I did all the work & other colleagues even less? You have no idea what happens under your own nose

Telling me you didn't mess around in Vegas doesn't mean you didn't mess around in Vegas. Mama didn't raise no fool! Get your life together honey boo boo

Child support most of the time not enough to live off here. So don''t think it is. Stop being petty and know it most of the time goes towards taking care of the kids in many ways.

To all the a-holes who waited to shop for school clothes last night. You all are pigs! I'm not your damn maid! So damn messy!

to my hubby ex just because your sorry to me thinking everything with be okay after what you did it won happen with your DUIs I hope you go 2 jail

screw you dad, your a narcissistic jerk. I am an adult and don't need you putting me down, bite me jackass

Dear "young mom" quit getting piss drunk and blowing chunks on the grass at a kids birthday party!

It's my pregnancy, not yours. Your unreasonable "advice" is unwanted Karen.

Dear sister in law. Let you're 7 year old be a kid instead of taking care of you when you're too drunk to take care of yourself

If you drink and do drugs while pregnant, you should go to jail for child endangerment.

if we just increased your credit line by a couple thousand on your credit card, and your already speaking to me a supervisor, don’t get mad and ask for a higher supervisor than me when you want more. Some people don’t get approved at all and no one higher than me is changing your credit line. Be grateful.

It's called the fast lane for a reason! Take the hint and get out of the way! 68 isn't fast!

to the co worker that can''t take a hint. I moved desks on purpose. Doesn''t mean move to the desk right next to me. I don''t want to hear about every little detail of your life. Your stories are not funny or interesting

FYI to clothing shoppers, there isn't a magic room where we can get a certain size or something new. What we have is on the floor, don't ask!

To a certain assistant manager. Thanks for making me feel worse than I already felt the other day. And by the way stop burning out loud. PS. You’re gross and you need some serious help in sensitivity.

to everyone who drives a motorcycle I know we’re suppose to keep an out on the roads for you but you should also be considerate of car drivers don’t zip in and out of traffic. Be patient like everyone else

Girlfriend! Wash yo hair! You ain't fooling anyone with that dry shampoo after 3 or more days. Aimed at coworker!!

Dear family, stop forcing your kids on me trying to get me to want a kid, eventually I will tell you just how ugly your kid really is if you don''t knock it off. My body my life period

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