TEXT TOPIC: What is your Dirty Little Secret?

my husband doesn't know I use to be an escort

Last month was a really rough month for me financially. I went through the self checkout line multiple times during the month at the grocery store and didn’t scan some of my items.

im Mormon girl and married but cant help fantasizing about being with another girl. It turns me on just thinking about it.

when I was 7 my cousin who was 8 molested me. I am 33 and have kept this a secret. Should I tell someone?

my fiance doesn't know that his cousin had an affair with his ex-wife for a long time.

all my family knows about my mil hooking up with a member of the family. EVERYONE but my husband, he'd be embarrassed, pissed & would want blood

Sometimes I wish my ex would die, because it would be easier to raise my daughter alone.

A few years ago I found out my wife was flirting with another man. After we worked it out I asked why she said because he was a college grad. I am currently attending SLCC and I hate it so much but am afraid I’m not good enough

My secret is my grandpa has another son that is my age. None of the other six grandkids know. It was from my Grandma''s best friend in Michigan. Oh snap.. I knew before my dad

I've been in love with my roommate for over a year. They have no idea.

found out a little while ago that my dad is not my dad, my mom cheated. Then about a week ago I found out I was in foster care when I was 2-3 and my mom tried to sell me and my sister.

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