TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! What is your good news?

My great news today is I got a new job I start at 7am I'm so excited because this is life changing for me and my daughter

I'm in Vegas 2) I head home today (miss my hubs and kids like cray) 3) taking the next steps needed to be a group fit instructor!!!

Today is my last appointment @total health and fitness. I started the program weighing in at 146 lbs and now I'm at 130 lbs

it's my birthday week! Whoop whoop! Heading into the last year of my 20s.

I just got a raise at work and found out it's retroactive to March AND includes all the overtime I've worked (LOTS)

My niece was released from the NICU after almost a week. Finally home with mom and dad!

I just got a membership to a workout facility and I''m starting to make better changes for myself after six weeks recovery from surgery and gaining weight Im starting to see some progress in my life!

It's my son Zander's 7th birthday and he LOVES you guys!!!!

I am at 99,000 for house now owe under 100,000 yay!!!

5 days smoke free

go back to work today after having surgery. I'm cancer free again!

good news. I'm in love!

I start college again after dropping out five years ago! I'm terrified, but here's to my new future.

my daughter''s soccer team won the Strikers Cup in shoot outs! So proud of you Strikers U11 girlsĀ 

My husband and I are celebrating our 22nd anniversary on Friday!

I leave Thursday for Colorado to see Joe Rogan!!!! Small vacation around the corner.

had an interview on Friday for a job where I'll be using my degree AND making $9 more an hour then I make now and it went well

I asked my gf to Marry me on saturday. With a set up sunset photo shoot blanket, candels, rose pedals n kids holding a sign. total surprise

me and hubby just booked a cruise to Europe

daughter is full term, hopefully this week she will have baby girl.

stating a women's clothing store! Watch out for Troika!!

I felt like no one liked me and now I have a large group of friends that always have my back and I really like to be around!!!

my wife is starting her masters program in occupational therapy today. This has been her life long dream, and it is finally beginning today. I couldn''t be more proud of her!

good- had a good sit down with my teens yesterday and discussed future marriage plans with my man

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