TEXT TOPIC: If your spouse knew this about you, they might leave you?

if my spouse knew I was bisexual, they would leave me.

if my baby daddy knew i slept with his brother at the beginning of the summer during a drunk fight

back in my teenage years i ran with a bad crowd, ended up being addicted to drugs and alcohol and joined a gang. been happily married to a sweet Christian

I'm bisexual

I complain about the budget all the time, but I secretly spend about 1k on self shopping per month and he doesn’t know about it. I’m the bread winner and have my own account.

If my wife knew I was gay she would leave me.

my boyfriend has expressed he thinks people that are bi are disgusting & said he'd dump me if I told him I like girls. Now I can never ever tell him.

If my hubby knew I was sleeping with my female neighbor he would leave me

if my husband knew that every time we use to fight I would flirt text my ex and coworkers and one time I almost slept with a coworker on a trip, he would leave me. Haven’t done that in a while but still feel bad

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