TEXT TOPIC: Did you get fired by a family member?

My brother started working for my colleague but his attendance was not the greatest. They offered to keep him on and look the other way but I decided he shouldn’t get any special treatment and they needed to let him go. Tough decision.

I had to fire my brother because he was sleeping with our secretary. We fired him because we found out she was stealing from the company and we couldn’t let her go first just because we were worried about a sexual harassment case.

Late hubby. His dads construction company was struggling & they asked for help so we uprooted ourselves to help them. A yr later they "laid him off"

we have a family financial planning business and we had to let my brother-in-law go, he was being paid about $100k a year but he wouldn’t work. He would tell his wife he was going to office, but wouldn’t show up, instead he would go play. He messed up several clients accounts when he was in the office. He was there 2 years, finally we had to fire him.

my dad has had to fire both of my little bros from working as his janitor because they are lazy little bums

My father and I ran a construction business. We’d argue a lot, and I’d either rage quit or get fired, then rehired next day. Happened for years till I left

My brother-in-law’s business was struggling and instead of letting me go, they just kept moving me to smaller offices until I was working out of the office kitchen!

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