TEXT TOPIC: Who was your celebrity crush as a kid?

childhood crush: bibi Gaytan in the 90s, I grew up in mexico, look her up, frankie would appreciate it lol

crush- Slater Saved by the Bell. Mario Lopez & Zach Saved by the Bell. Mark Paul Gosselaur

My crushes where are Tiffani Amber thiessen and Catherine Bell. Yuuuumy

HEATH LEDGER!!! 'd'd'd still mourning him. =-

JTT & Sean Connery - I dream about him saying my name with hisaccent ''d

Kirk Cameron. 'd

Kelly Kopowski ( Tiffany Amber Theissen)

Joey Fatone

Johnathan Taylor Thomas, and Doogie Howser

Jesse McCartney

JTT I cut out pictures from 17 magazine to put on my wall & my brother drew all over them to be an a$$

Leif Garrett

Pamela Andersen

My celibate crush was Bo and Luke Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard

I had a huge crush on River Pheonix...so sad when he died

AnnaSophia Robb

Wendy from Casper and Wendy

Jessica Alba all the way

my child Hollywood crush was the pink power ranger (Amy Jo Johnson), and of course Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach)!

Scott Bacula and he's just gotten hotter with age

my celebrity crush was Sue Kelly, hot 94.9 night time rp. No idea what she looks like but that voice have me sweet dreams.... Mr. Z.

Jordan Knight from NKOTB!! Had the sheet set and would kiss his face on the pillow case every night!

worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but you're not going to go anywhere. Z.

My celebrity crush was Zac Hanson! I have a distinct 10-year-old memory of him and her brother''s on the cover of a magazine at a grocery store and feeling attraction for the first time. Mmmmbop!

CELEB CRUSH - My crush was Leonardo DiCaprio for years. I was drawn to him instantly from the movie "The Basketball Diaries". I crashed my dad''s computer & printer after attempting to download & print hundreds of photos of him off the internet.

Jordan Knight from NKOTB, but still crushing on him. He's like a fine wine...better with age!

that incident with the sign Guy was right across the street from our building we were watching it it was so sad because his partner that was with himwas just slumped over the truck it was really awful

justin Timberlake when n'sync was huge!

Nikki Sixx.

Ricky Schroeder!! I LOVED "Silver Spoons"!!

Omg. Belinda Carlisle Rawr!

JTT Jonathan Taylor Thomas heartthrob! I never missed home improvement

my childhood crush was Will Smith used to LOVE "French Prince of Bel Air" and I've seen EVERYTHING he's done

my childhood celebrity crush would but Luke Perry when he was Pike in the Buffy the vampire Slayer movie ugh I miss him

Kimberly the pink ranger is my celebrity crush

I wasn't a normal teenage girl my celebrity crush was Javy Lopez catcher for the Atlanta Braves

My childhood crush was Bridgette Wilson Sampras

Kevin Costner was my first love! And last year I saw him on the Yellowstone set. I almost passed out!

my celeb crush as a child was Zack Hanson = I knew just aboutEVERYTHING there was to know about him, was pretty sure we were going to get married. My grandparents were OTR truckers and I was always trying to get them to take me to Tulsa (Hanson hometown) ==

the ladies of Baywatch... used to have to wake up in the middle of the night to watch it.

Dylan spouse was my crush... Now its cole sprouse!

First off, thank goodness for IHeart. In Chicago but still able to start my mornings with you! I had a HUGE crush on Paul Walker. I was crushed whenhe died.

Shaun Cassidy was my childhood crush

Alisa Milano, chick with glasses from 90210, Olivia Newton John in xanado, the Tom boy girl in facts of life.

My crushes John Stamos = Patrick Swayze =

I had a crush on John Wayne. I was obsessed with old western movies.

Luke Perry I watched 8 seconds more times than I can count =

my childhood Crush was on pontarelli from chips

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