TEXT TOPIC: Your spouse break something and you're not happy with them?

my husband broke his phone before he backed up his pictures and lost the first pictures of our daughter on my chest minutes after she was born. I''m still devastated

I always back into the garage. Went to Lowe''s got a 10'' board, taking it home in a short bed truck. Got home, forgot about the board and put a nice big dent in the garage door.

I overloaded the washer and broke the whole drum....2 weeks after buying a new dryer. My wife joked about that being terms for a divorce.

Hubby wrecked my car on Mother''s Day. We were building a new home and cruising some neighborhoods looking for exterior ideas. He pointed at a home exterior he liked, I looked, and he hit a parked car!

we had our first digital camera after I had used it for our sons first birthday my husband try to format it which then deleted every single picture. We now have zero pictures of his very first birthday

Last summer my husband killed EVERYTHING I put in our gardens because he didn't read the damn bottle of weed killer! My garden is my Therapy!

knocked ex bf's laptop off of a coffee table and cracked the screen..ex NEVER let that go because I was so careless.

tv from xmas from parents he was trying to mount w/o a mount

after a full remodel, (countertops, cupboards, window coverings, paint, moving vent ducts) my EX HUSBAND, would get into drunk rages and punch holes in the walls. Happened 3 times. Thats why he is an Ex!

husband broke my Mother's Day present of my sons little handprint on a tile, I was so sad and told him to stop rearranging our damn house

spouse restored 68 Camaro, parked in garage. I knocked cooler off catwalk onto hood. Big dent. Lucky to be alive

my husband borrowed my car on Monday and got in an accident and totaled it. I was on the phone with him when it happened. Pretty upset!!

hubs painted basement and didn't cover the couch. Had to trash $1500 couch!

My husband broke my favorite wine glass from a winery in Napa Valley from a trip we went on together. He felt so bad he bought me two more and had it shipped to our house. Then a week later he broke one again

EVERY vehicle we've ever owned, He ruins! Always Stupid stuff-ripping off mirror, backing into stuff, wrecks, it's always my car he messes up

I ruined ONE of my ex's blouses. Cost? She HAD to buy a whole new outfit including shoes, purse, and earrings.

husband had a propane explosion in our house and it burned my one item I had from my father that died when I was 2. It was a giant teddy bear and now he''s gone

my BRAND NEW CAR husband was moving it out of the driveway and hit a parked car! IT HAS A BACKUP CAMERA! I was livid!

$32,000 travel trailer, first trip out. Husband wouldn''t listen and insisted he could get closer to the gas pump. Now we have a 12" red scratch down the side of our new trailer

hubs busted our $200 food processor because he didn't know how to get the lid off. It was the first time it'd been used

we had just moved to Utah, waiting for our W-2s for the previous year. My husband said we got the last one and put on the counter, The only thing on the counter was a pile of junk mail that he said he burned. Turns out he burned all of our W-2s that we have been waiting for. All of our W-2s went up inflames, literally

husband pulled our popup trailer out of the driveway with the door still down and hit a concrete baring post. Bent it so bad weve never been able to get it fixed. 2 years and I''m still ready to kill him when I think about it!

accidentally shrunk my wife's dress in the dryer. Came home to my favorite outfit cut up and soaked in bleach. Lol!

My husband just bought me an iPhone 6, just got a new case and everything, then I accidentally dropped my frosty in my purse, the phone happened tobe the wrong way which ruined the speakers and charging port. It sucked had to get a new phone.

Brand new trailer husband wasn''t looking tree branch hit the roof had to replace, $8000 later =!

My Husband broke his brand new $2200 computer and punched holes in the newly finished basement wall. I was not happy.

my NOW ex wife sold my complete collection and spin offs marvel civil war Chronicles comic books. A complete set worth thousands she sold for 60 bucks

house full of ppl, sons first birthday and hubby didn't push record on the camera. No pictures, nothing! I sobbed and he left the room.

had a collection of Barbies, some of which were my mom''s and my grandmother’s from way back in the 50s. We were moving, and my ex thought that the box they were in was garbage and tossed it in the dumpster without me knowing give me till after we were moved into the new place

Husband bought brand new diesel truck. Thought I would be a thoughtful wife and has it up for him... I put regular gasoline in the truck.

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