TEXT TOPIC: Invite another person into the bedroom and it BLEW UP?

I'm the person invited into the bedroom. I was friends with the wife. Now her husband won't leave me alone and even got a secret number to text me gah!

Multiple friends thought this would be a good idea all relationships have ended in loss of marriage devastation to the children never ever ever a good

bff/roommate joined me and my bf. A couple months later he said he had been cheating on me w/her while I was working a 2nd job. He asked to go to my house, take a shower and wait for me. Apparently he was doing more than that.

my cousin and his wife decided to bring someone else into the bedroom. It was the classic story Boy Meets Girl, boy marries girl, Girl Meets Girl, girl brings girl into bed, girl loves girl, girl loves girl again, girl keeps loving girl, boy is removed from the equation

swingers, brought couple into bedroom, wife fell in love with other person's husband. Left me and married him. Wrecked families

I have been the girl a couple brings into the bed multiple times. Had good experiences and TERRIBLE! All I can say is if the marriage isn’t already extremely stable and both people extremely secure, a 3rd person will not fix it, it will do the opposite

Brought my female friend in as a fun experiment. Ended up being on the sidelines (chair) as they were going at it. Short story, we got divorced, they got married and had 2 kids. Lost my best friend and my husband. Good times

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