TEXT TOPIC: Happy Thankful Thursday!

Thankful Thursday. My boss for pressuring me into dieting. I'm down 30 lbs and feel AMAZING!

thankful for my hard working pilot husband! He works full time and goes to school full time, but still finds time to make me feel special!

i am SO thankful for my Kesler family. My sisters are my best friends. My son and i have had some things going on and i just couldn’t deal with anything without them! So blessed, so grateful! Tana loves you all. Thank you for being my people

I wanna thank my wife for my 2 kids they mean more then the world to me

Super grateful to my incredible in-laws for the amazing all expenses paid trip to Alaska they took us on last week. My hubs has the best parents.

thanks to hubby for the amazing massage last night. Even though your hands hurt really bad. You're my hero I love u trent

Want 2 thank U 4. Life has been overwhelming lately and U guys make me laugh through the craziness life throws at me daily. THANK YOU MY MORNING RADIO SHOW FAMILY

thank you wifey for watching our kids while I work. I know they can be little poop heads.

I want to thank my hubby Jason for loving me even when I Accidentally tipped over the shelf with all of his diecast cars and he wanted to kill me

Thankful for my fianc in always working hard to achieve our goals. Proving for our wedding & immediately found a job in Arizona to support our goal of moving states there.

thanks to frankie for running to meet me at mall parking lot last friday, i donated to his team, im listener who wrecked her car on way to friendsgiving

I am thankful for clean water and having access to it anytime. We are so blessed here in the USA!

thanks to my coach Jason from Total Health and Fitness. I would have been able to lose the weight or inches if it wasn't for him and Frankie

thankful to Frankie and his ambien song. Kids sing it all the time now ha ha

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