TEXT TOPIC: Who's the cheapskate in the family?

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my cousin is the cheapskate he asked for the family to birthday party at that party he had 1 little Caesars pizza for the 20 of us to share. Cut up smaller for sharing. After asking everyone RSVP so he knew how many were coming.

little brother broke my wife's $10 sunglasses and wouldn't replace even though he sat on them moving our car without asking us.

My sister is so cheap. She dumpster dives for stuff and sells them online. She wont buy anything unless she has to and comes to our parents house to steal food. He are her husband are college grads and both have good jobs

my mother is the type of person that will complete garbage and thinks it’s worth a lot more. Most recently she tried to sell this old couch that had been chewed up by the dogs and had a huge hole in it for 2k. It wasn’t even worth $1

OMG my bro in law is the biggest cheapskate. To the point where he gets a notification on his phone if my sister spends any money. Pisses me off.

my uncle tells his wife how many wipes she’s allowed to use per diaper change and also won’t let them get any diapers except the most off brand ones that pretty much disintegrate when wet.

Its my dad! He washes plastic silverware

my stepdad saves the luggage tags you get when you check your bags for a flight and old address labels and uses them as "tape" when he wraps gifts! Refuses to buy tape. He also reuses ziplocks, foil and Saran Wrap.

It's mother-in-law and her mother, they re-washed Ziploc bags over and over and over and over again. I could tell you so many other things laugh out loud

It's my grandma. When we're done opening any gift she always ask for the wrapping paper back so she can reuse it

is my mom in law washes plastic bags you'll get cookies with the bag labeled chicken...um yeah we won't be eatting those kids

It's me, especially while grocery shopping. Let's just say I'll put the chicken away marked at $7.02 and put it away to get the pack that $6.92

grandparents! They used to try and put disposable plates and utensils in the dishwasher. Towards the end of gpa''s life he was reusing his depends.

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