TEXT TOPIC: Do you know someone that has a really cool niche job?

I design headstones

my boyfriend is a scout for the Jazz!

my cousin was a chef at the Clinton and Obama White House

my best friend was the Registered nurse for President Monson of the LDS church. His personal RN

Heidi Klum’s nanny and then promoted to her assistant

my uncle is the head chef to the ambassdor of spain

Kraft services for commercials, tv shows and movies

My mother in law is a pharmacy tech at a jail. She takes the medication around to each inmate at their cell.

my aunt is the former chief forensics scientist of Utah

My uncle was head of security for 2 US presidents and 1 LDS prophet

friend is the only state inspector for anything that has fill in it like down coats, pillows, mattress’s sold in stores. Tags that say do not remove etc. Yep she’s the inspector for the state makes sure they are all legitimate.

Im a part of a 5 man crew whos the installers for Apple. We fly all over and install the set ups in all the new apple stores that go up. Super fun!

I''m a pet photographer. If requested I''ll photograph the humans but it''s all about the fuzzy loves. Bring me ALL THE BEASTIES!! Get a lot of "say what now?" When I tell ppl what I do.

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