TEXT TOPIC: What fight did you get sucked into on social media?

super controversial, I got sucked into an argument regarding racism on social media. A Polynesian friend of mine in high school made the statementthat people of color cannot be racist, only prejudice, due to a lack of social equity. Then went on to say some pretty racy things

oh at least once a week people on the neighborhood FB page. People's kids, loose dogs, rules in the HOA that people hate. You name it.

There's a topic in that story. Random reasons you've had to call in sick to work.

Someone came at Candace Cameron yesterday for something she was wearing. She came back at them. It was awesome how she responded.

Saw ad for a roommate with lds standards and all comments were slander against the lady who posted it. Calling discriminatory

Ma chastised fam 4 not comin 2 MLM party. Posted rant on how the fam isn't present @ partys, she was called out 4 not being present in kids lives

last night I woke up at 3 AM, couldn''t sleep, jumped on Facebook, and got Sucked into two Guys fighting about the housing market &min wage in Utah. They kept making making up the silliest facts and attaching articles that''s I''m pretty sure one of the guy wrote.I. Couldn''t. Stop. Reading ># i had to know who was going to get the last word

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