TEXT TOPIC: We wanna hear your passive aggressive texts!

Trail runners try running trails with out dogs like dog lake way more trails for everyone versus dog friendly trails

How about you stop stealing all the pictures off of my Facebook of your grandkids and posting Them on your page as it to see them at all

I've told people to leash their dogs before. My dog is on a leash but I can't keep mine from yours if yours is up his ass!!

dear husbands ex best friend, telling me to Mind my own business doesn''t fix the Fact that you''re cheating on your wife and everyone can see it. Notjust me. Stop being a narcissist.

YES!!! My dog isn't friendly like yours, moron!!!

being a good athlete doesn't define your child. Its a long way to the ground once they fall off the pedestal u have them on

Don't shorten peoples names really my name is Angela when I introduce myself I say Angela so please don't call me Angie especially when I tell you that I do

were adults now and I can't always drop everything to hang out with you it's not fair to make me feel like I'll lose your friendship if I don't

to my department VP..... kidney stones are NO JOKE. Stop treating me like I''m using excuses to get out of work. And Ps.... one day off for a scheduled surgery is asinine. I wish you luck finding employees to put up with this crap!

Currently stuck behind a trailer going just under 60 in the left lane. I feel your pain Frankie!

you always make me feel left out stop making me feel invisible I hate it the only reason I became friends with you is because you were left out now you''re popular and ignoring me you''re toxic

In the gym at the sauna..... and woman talking on her phone super loud! Ummm yeah I had to say something. I was trying to relax

passive agg tues: sooooo... you blocked me on ALL social media. Why do you keep tracking me on your child''s and business IG accounts??? Don''t you know I SEE YOU?!?!? WTH?

dear husbands ex best friend, telling me to Mind my own business doesn''t fix the Fact that you''re cheating on your wife and everyone can see it. Notjust me. Stop being a narcissist.

when you travel by air plan for long lines and minor interruptions don't fly the day of your wedding and then pissed when you miss it....

To my ex who tried to hit me up Friday thinking I''d be free - should have thought about that before you left me for your cheating ex wife sorry notsorry she cheated again

If you want to be lazy on your vacay maybe don't i it's yourselves onto our vacation that we planned.

to the car that knows their lane ends and doesn't merge till the last second

if you keep being a flake. I will stop inviting you to things. I have spent way too much time and money for you to always bail last minute.

Tip ur movers

Megan would you just shut up?

When you are trying to get your new business out there for people to see, it brings down your confidence when trolls try to cause problems for no reason.

Don't start a job knowing you want to continue your other business. What a waste of 3 months

To the moms at Walmart who were whining about no school supply lists yet in JULY. I''m sorry, but us teachers need time to enjoy summer too! I don''t work on your schedule.

my boyfriend quit jumping down my throat to keep clean when you don''t pick up your dirty dishes and you leave Cuts everywhere mine is at least our child''s toys.

to all the F'ers using the truck pull off between Farmington/Kaysville to bypass rush hour traffic, y'all are SOBs

The on ramp lane is to pick up speed to merge onto the freeway. Duh

Work bathroom goers, just do yout business. Don''t sit and play the quiet game cuz you''re embarrassed to poop. And if you''re a hoverer, wipe up any dribbles!!

To the person that insists on parking next to me that can''t stay inside the two clearly marked lines. Talk about basic life skills, stay inside thelines people!

I don''t like when ppl slam on their brakes when they see UHP on the side of the road pulling someone else over!!! Just drive they can''t pull you overwhile they have someone else pulled over

don''t lie to me and tell me you can make it to my bachelorette party when you get included in the cost and then three days later tell someone else that you don''t have the money it''s just rude

passive aggressive to Frankie please stop talking over "Sunflower" it's short enough as it is

stop riding my freaking butt, there are cars in front of me I can't go any faster so lay off!

if you are hiking with your dog, leash them! It is dangerous for people who are trail running when they have to dodge unleashed dogs who chase them or run in front of them to "play" and trip them!

hey dummy Utah drivers the onramp is specifically to speed up BEFORE you need to merge.

people stop coming in to the bank handing me your cash and thensaying "you might want to recount that" uhhhh duhhh!! We''re required to. =D

the way you latch on to married women in the office is weird, everyone's talking about it and it's uncomfortable

stop saying "boys will be boys"! No teach them to be respectful and stop destroying everything at everyone's houses. Be a parent and discipline.

. I''m with Frankie. Courtesy and common sense when coming to driving. In the travel lane, I signal to pass the car in front of me. He speeds up, I stay in the travel lane behind him. He slows again, I signal to pass, get in the passing lane. He cuts me off and brake checks me. Don''t be an asshat people. It''s all on my dash cam. He''s been turned in. Karma....

you keep saying you don''t know what you''ll do when I''m gone but the fact that everytime I talk to you and you''re so angry and mad at me makes me wantto quit even sooner!! #treatemployeeswithrespect

you've been living in my basement for three years because you are too lazy to actually get up and find a job since you were fired for being late.

I'm allowed to have other work friends. Don't make me feel guilty about it. Ur a bad friend anyways, why spend my time with u? Ur not special.

When you are at a store check out, get off your phone!!! Those people are there to help you, not be ignored and treated like a nothing! Respect people!!!

Yes I'm only 5'0" so do not pat my head or use me as an arm rest..I will slap you.

you''re dramatic. You''re the common denominator of every fight in the friend group. You went to the extent of ruining a wedding over the weekend because your selfish. Grow up. You''re 30. Act your age.

you''ve been living in my basement for three years because you are too lazy to actually get up and find a job since you were fired for always being late just leave already.

if you have a donut tire on your vehicle, please do not drive in the carpool lane or the left lane!! Thanks

When will you realize you're losing all the best employees to other companies because you're a trash boss

stop telling me that I am a bad parent and what I am doing wrong. Last I checked, your kid is in jail.

It drives me insane that I work 12+ hr grave shifts and don''t get home till 8, yet my family wakes me up at 11 every day to run my younger brothers around to sports friends etc. I''m 18 and attending college, so sleep is very dear to me. I wish that they would let me sleep in and not complain about their 7 hr shifts being tiring.

You have a damn good husband stop messing around & treating him like crap. He deserves so much better.

Dear Felicia, I am sure you saw my blinker and I''m pretty sure you decided to speed up so that I couldn''t get over. I salut my middle finger to you!! Don''t be a jerk!

I do not do the oven Who puts there hand in a box that goes to 700 degrees no thank you lol I find guys who can cook ha ha

To a certain ex boyfriend of mine who broke up with me last week. I hope you're happy. Bad things have constantly been coming my way. So screw you!!

hey, everyone knows your here. You don''t need to stomp around the office, throw things around your desk or slam your drawers. We''re still trying towake up. Thanks, your co-workers.

Dear mom, I am 28 with two kids. I no longer have to consult with you before I make decisions. If I wanted a momager I would marry Rob Kardashian.

Dear coworker with the thermostat in her office. When you use your little space heater it freezes out the rest of us. Get a clue!

dear John my wife told me you text her yesterday. Delete her number out your phone and don't ever text her again or I will find you and do it for you

passive aggressive. To my sister-in-law not everyone wants to go go go on vacation like u guys. we want to relax too so maybe next time if you couldjust chill alot! that would be great thank you

Hey moms, your kid is in college. They are old enough to do their own paperwork! You''re not always gonna be there to help so teach them to do thingson their own!

So I have a baby mama and she expects to live off my child support which I pay her every week and she still tries to get ahold of me to get her moremoney to say what I''m paying her isn''t anough to live on

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