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When ordering flowers from the web you are paying much more unless you go direct to the florist who will be delivering it. Other wose 15 off the topis a wireing fee then the 1-800 will take their portion then likely a 10 deliverly fee so by the time your 50 arrangement is made its only worth 30 or less. Always go direct.

When we do weddings, brides are always wanting crazy a** colors! Um, those colors don''t exist in the flower world!! So we get really annoyed by these brides that want the flowers to match their wedding colors exactly. So We do a lot of flower painting. Keep it natural guys!

Before owning my own shop, I worked for a shop that always send out really old expired flowers for funerals, he said they only need to last a day. Sosad, its such an important occasion for families.

I help a fam friend w/her floral business. Lots of people don't realize that prices go WAY up around Mother's Day/Valentine's Day & get wayyy mad.

this is along the same lines with flowers. But I had a guy before I was married that would send me weekly flowers - I didn''t want them - so a guy atwork would pay me $20 for them. He took them to his wife. Lol.

If you are sending Valentines Day flowers to your wife and girlfriend maybe use 2 different florists. We are human and make mistakes. Just saying

save your money boys. Strippers don't like flowers from creepy old men and will ask that we regift the flowers.

Guys can't say Danny, Billy, Frankie, etc because it sounds too much like "blankie". Guys DO NOT say "blankie".

Bridezillas are real. Did wedding flowers for a decade. After the wedding of my worst bridezilla, I got back to the shop and took her invitation to the parking lot and set it on fire. Pyrotherapy?

A husband and wife came in to buy anniversary flowers to sent to her work from him. she filled out the card and paid for it! ( all to show off toher coworkers )

My mom worked in a flower shop in Idaho. The owner ended up being one of the largest drug dealers in the city. He'd use the flowers for deliveries. When he

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