TEXT TOPIC: What good news do you have to report?

booked my flight to Oregon I finally get to meet my cousin that I have not met. We found each other a year and a half ago.

Good news! Listed our home last week and it sold in one day. We have to be out by the end of the month, but we get to move across country for my husband''s dream job

My daughter who's a sophomore, made her varsity high school soccer team.

after putting myself through school and working an ok job for 2.5 years. Today I start my dream job! Yay for Dairy Promotions!

My daughter’s amazing boss Kelly Mayo''s family was surprised Saturday and are getting a new home from Extreme Home Makeover. 2 homes being built this week. Super fun being part of the surprise

after a year of thinking I bit the bullet and this weekend I'm going to Vegas to train to be a group fit instructor so I can teach body combat!!

about a yr ago I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and told I couldn’t have another kid (I''m 27, one daughter). But I just got approval that we could have another baby! So excited!

Starting my new job this week and couldn't be more excited!

I met my now fianc at work last year, I work at a hospital and he was my patients brother . We're getting married in 39 days !!

Celebrated our 6th wedding Anniversary last week! Went bowing, dinner at olive garden and a movie (Spiderman). Love my Hobbit.

get to go next week to Colorado for the Rockies and Red Sox game in a suite. All paid for including my flight

After fighting with insurance companies and out of a car for 1 week, I finally got me a new car!!

Just moved to our new place in Riverton!! It's AMAZING and soooo much nicer than our gross old place!

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