TEXT TOPIC: Who is getting married and you think it's a mistake?

my little sister got married and she even said the marriage wasn’t going to last and her boyfriend was a total jerk to her and our family. But I was in the line. I never said yes and it was my sister. I didn’t support the wedding at all but what was I suppose to do?

sis is marrying great guy but she's not ready. She's 24, has no job, lays in bed all day, & no life plans. not emotionally or financially ready

my brother is. His fiance is just like his abusive ex and he can’t see it. If we bring it up he loses his mind and says we don’t understand them. It breaks my heart he doesn’t think he deserves better.

Hubby''s best friend, wedding is 8/31 & we know it won’t last. She is super controlling and degrading to him, we have tried in the past to talk to him but unfortunately it is going to take something big to happen for him to see!

my son is getting married and he is being manipulated her and her family made it so he doesnt even talk to any of us his family and we were a super close family. Breaks my heart wont tell us any plans for the wedding. I know it wont last long once he realizes what is going on.

my brother got married earlier this year and a few people tried to talk him out of it and now he complains about how they fight all the time and how he''s unhappy.

when my oldest son got married he knew we were going to be out of town on a cruise but he was getting married anyway to a girl that we did not like so we told him don''t worry we don''t mind missing it we will make sure that we are there for your next wedding.

had a friend who was getting married. They cried to me about how much they hated the person they were getting married to everyday including the day before they got hitched. I called and told them I wasn''t going. We''re still friends and they act like nothing happened.

my brother is getting married in September and me, my sister, my mom and my dad don't like her. She's very judgmental and rude. Like rolls her eyes at Me

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law both gave us less than a year. Thanks a lot Brent and Liz. Look at us now

years ago my best friend was dating someone serious but there were still issues. EVERYONE was telling him it was a bad mix and I finally talked to him. Several years later she ended up being the best thing for him and is the only one to have the patience to deal with his moods.

my husband’s best friend tried to break us up when we were dating saying that we weren’t good for each other. Out of pure jealousy. He ended up talking A Mutual friend into marrying him. Two years later his marriage was falling apart again he tried to go after ours. he’s divorced now and remarried. 181/2 years later we are still together.

I stood at the alter and ask myself ... why are you doing this? I still went through with it divorced one year later went through with it because the wedding have been paid for

Brother said something off about my then fianc. Said it wasn''t right. Didn''t listen. Found out 6 months after getting married my (now ex husband) hewas cheating the whole time. Deep down I knew it wasn''t right the whole time.

I have a friend who met his girlfriend 3 weeks ago and they are already planning the wedding. They are long distance and can only see each other on weekends, and are convinced they are getting married. We are just waiting for the fall out.

my best friend got married right out of high school to a total douche lord. I couldn''t support it so I didn''t go. 10 months later they got divorced and we became friends again. I tried to warn her

brother is 22 and divorced twice because he wouldn't listen and has a kid on the way with the second wife

My mom. Met him 2 months ago and just got engaged. I'm super nervous! She's been single for 19 years and I wish she would just take it slow.

my friend has been dating a guy who is still married. I'm not sure if she knows that. She thinks he's twice divorced, but he's still married to #2.

I never saw the red flags about my fianc being an alcoholic. Even after my whole family confronted me. It took him going to jail for a DUI 3 monthsbefore the wedding for me to call it off.

my niece 3 engagements in 2 years, told her own step mom she was not invited, hope this guy runs, family has bets how long it will last, I’m not attending because I disagree with the marriage, she’s only fooling him and holding out a hand for money from the same father she wont let bring his wife

My mom. Met him 2 months ago and just got engaged. I'm super nervous! She's been single for 19 years and I wish she would just take it slow.

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