TEXT TOPIC: Who is the blunt person in the family?

it is me I am the blunt one. I am nice about how I approach things. Also I let them know that I am straight forward and honest. I dont beat around the bush.

it''s me, I''m blunt and I come with a disclosure before people meet me. I must add I am a therapist, so I am used to addressing the elephant in the room. I love elephants and I don''t need them in the room, so I''ll just say what I see and how I feel!

my step mom! She constantly tells me I need to lose weight, or says something rude & says "I'm just being honest" it's just an excuse to be rude!

my sister is BLUNT! and rude about it. But if you try to be blunt towards hwr, she takes great offense to it.

it''s me! I am the blunt one in the family because everyone else thinks they need to beat around the bush. I try to be as nice as possible but sometimes you just can''t be.

mom uses the excuse "why can't I say how I feel?!" Sry, but going out of your way to tell someone they're gaining weight isn't necessary.

Its my mom she will look at you and say "you are going out in that?" Or "you have nasty BO" in front of everyone lol

my mother in law has verbal diarrhea. Whatever is in her mind just spills out of her mouth. It is usually an honest observation but there is no filter. If someone is overweight or homely looking, she''ll say so. She is constantly offending people.

so many blunt people in my mom's family and none of them are tactful. Get them in one room though and it can be good entertainment for the rest of us.

I'm the blunt one. I used to be kind about it, but my family is dense, so now I'm blunt and rude. LoL no sugar coating from me!

It is me. I try not to be rude but sometimes it comes off that way especially if you don''t know me & my dry sense of humor

I''m the blunt person in the family. My family thinks I''m not cool about it but I do. Lol but I lived on the east coast for a bit and, compared to a lot of people there, I''m very nice.

In my work family, theres Laura. She's a self-proclaimed b* and a-hole. Since she admits it, she thinks its ok act like a 5 yr old

my aunt is the blunt one and she's a freaking jerk... it's called a filter lady get one-- oh and btw YOURE NOT THE BOSS

It''s me. When I was younger my mom used to call it "Spitting Venom" Because I would get really mean and honest with the things that I would say. But as I''ve gotten older, I''ve learned to be more respectful and tactful, but still being blunt and honest.

I'm the blunt one. Sometimes I'm called a bitch so I could work on my approach. But I just call em like I see em. Sorry not sorry

I'm the blunt one. Sometimes it's fine. Other times I will say something and I'm like "oooo that wasn't very nice"...

from the Bronx and my demeanor sometimes comes off as abrupt and blunt but I don't see it... ha!

MIL is very blunt. She can't handle it when you do the same in return

my husbands g-ma! We were at a funeral when she asked her son who she hadn't seen in years "do you have any other hobbies besides eating?"

my sister is the blunt one. She went up to my husband''s Aunt & said wow you''ve lost a lot of weight from last time a saw you. You were big! She seesher maybe twice a yr.

my husband. His motto is "truth hurts sometimes" he HATES beating around the bush.

my sister! She says the most blunt and rude things at the most inappropriate times, usually in front of everyone. If she could keep it in until a private setting it might not be so bad.

It's me. But I am not as bad as my dad or both my grandma's. Who are blunt either in a nice way or make your jaw drop.

it's me. And no, there's no tact. It's not intended to be mean, I just have no filter... never had one

my daughter is very blunt, she has been that way since she was little. It took me a while to get used to it, she used to embarrass me all the time. Iappreciate it now.

I'm from jersey & I'm the same way I'm not rude but ppl thnk I am

I teach English to Chinese students. The company is in China. They are very blunt. Us as Americans are not use to it, teachers constantly are upset how they give criticism. You just have to know this is their culture. Example- You are ugly you need makeup.

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