TEXT TOPIC: Found out something about yourself from your spouse

I do everything in 3''s. Check the locks 3 x, lock the car doors 3 x, I have 3 kids & 3 dogs. He thought I was kidding that I didn''t notice it. Oh well, oh well, oh well.......

my bf made me realize I have the worlds worst rbf..

my husband told me I snore when I've had a couple drinks before bed.

my husband pointed out that I bully him. I come from a family that banters and jokes, I didn't realize how it could be hurtful

my spouse has said for years I don''t listen. I thought he was being dramatic. I finally realized I don''t listen. I will question something and apparently he has already discussed it w me. This is almost a daily occurrence. But ... marriage counseling for the win

after my boyfriend moved he helped me realize how bad my anxiety really was and how I will immediately jump to and get stuck in worst case scenarios in my mind

My wife pointed out a few months into us dating that whenever I drive I narrate the crappy Utahn drivers.

My wife pointed out that I'm a hummer. I hum. It drives her crazy so I've started to do it even more.

my husband pointed out that I am the common denominator in all the drama and bad relationships in my life. We're divorced now.

Whenever I''m eating a bag of chips or something I always leave a TINY bit in the bag so I don''t feel guilty for eating the whole bag! I never realized I did this until my boyfriend called me out

I''m a sigh-er. I sigh a lot. When I''m annoyed, angry, Frustrated, overwhelmed, heck I even sigh it when I am happy. I''m not a confrontational person, so I guess that''s the way I disagree too. I didn''t realize I sighed so much until he pointed it out. I try not to now.

My husband let me know that I take way too long in the bathroom and I let him know that it's not normal to go through a bar of soap in 3 days

my hubby yells at me when I talk over him but he does the same thing to me ALL the time

my husband pointed out that I never say "I’m sorry." >&< &@ it’s something I always have to work on.

I didn''t realize how self centered I was until my husband told me I never let people talk. So when anyone would talk I would immediately insert myself and say OMG that''s reminds me of a story about MYSELF = I now just listen to people and try very hard to let them finish talking before cutting them off.

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