Young woman whispering secret into friend's ear, close-up

I'm still in love with the ex-boyfriend that abused me even though we've been broken up for years. Everyone thinks that I hate him and that I've moved on.

my friend is getting married in 2 weeks, but I hooked up with his fianc. It was just a moment, and we slept together. But I''m more fearful that she may be pregnant.

LDS girl, caught brother watching porn when I was like 7. Been addicted to it ever since. It's ruining my life.

I have a neighbor who is married unhappily and has had a thing for me for a long time. I wanna tell his wife but don''t wanna ruin everything. Weird place to be in.

I was so hungover I started crying in front of the class that I was subbing for. That was a rough one...

my ex and I are still hooking up. We've both moved on and are in different relationships but our chemistry in bed is too good to let go

I slept with a married woman while her and her husband were separated best sex ever.

I buy clothes, wear them with tags, and then return them to the store.

i''ve been in a roller coaster relationship for almost 5 years and just over the last couple months I''ve been talking and flirting with five other guys on the side. I want to end the relationship but I can never find the right time

I am leaving the Mormon church. My parents will be heartbroken but I'm done living this lie!!!!

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