TEXT TOPIC: What is a nickname your parents gave you?

nickname was racehorse because I was always running everywhere I went.

my family called me smelly melly (melanie) and it''s funny because I have twin boys and one of the twins calls the other "eh" we have no idea why buthe just always has and still does and they are 8

bubbles cause of my personality I'm 26 and now it's shortened to bub

call my brother bluffdale, he was such a little turd growing up we thought for sure he would end up at the point.

Sugah boogah - cuz I was a boogery baby... Mom still calls me that. I'm 43.

princess buffalo butt.... knocked something over ONCE on accident with my but when I was little and it stuck after my dad said" jeez princess buffalo

38 yrs old dad still call me bird. Started as jennifer, fer, ferdy bird, bird.

Call my 2 yr old Bam Bam, his name is Graham.

1 my whole family calls me bugs I love it my brother couldn''t say my name and he would save nerdy bug and then they just said bugs it''s my favorite and I wish everyone would call me yet

dad still calls me Pooh Bear because of my obsession as a kid.!

my family use to call me Jojo, because my attitude in my teens was a mimic of Jojo's in Horton hears a who. They don't call me it anymore

Hey I-15 crazy driving Ahats stay in your lane and quit trying to get ahead and cause your causing accidents.

My dad calls me toad and Tweety Bird. Why he calls me that I do not know. It's still weird to me.

My mother and entire fam called me Anna banana!!! I'm 32 and still get called this.

My husbands family calls him tweet and now they call our son little tweet tweet

I got called mess as a child. Every where I went I left a mess or was a mess lol

I call my niece Key-Key-Va-Knee-Key. Started at a joke cuz she would tell at me saying that''s not my name. She was only let''s me call her it until Drake''s song. Now she likes KiKi

my mom always called me sunshine, so much that I thought "you are my sunshine" was about me.

I used to love playing Peek-a-boo so my parents called me Boo. I was somebody's boo before it was a thing.

boo boo because he walked like boo boo bear as a baby. He's 19 now and I still say it sometimes haha

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I've always been called Pooee by my whole family. My husband and little also call me it

if I could take it all back I would. My intentions were truly from the heart. I just wanted to warn others if his Narcissist behavior. Emotional abuse hurts and I didnt want them to go through it. I''m sorry

My daughter calls my boyfriend fennis because she couldn't say Ruston and it has stuck and We call him fennis all the time now

my nickname started as mountain party and turned into maintain. My brothers friends have still called me that and I am 34yo

My whole Mexican side of the family calls me chicks to this day because I used to wreck stuff up

A guy called me DJ. He thought my dads name was Don and thought I was his JR. My dads name was Ron but dad has called me DJ 4ever! Didn''t want to hurt the guys feelings.

Maimsee is my nickname where I worked. My boss had a babysitter for his kids, she had the same name as me which is Mary, but his kids called her maimsee, so that''s been mine for 14 + yrs now. Even now that I don''t work there, when I go in, they still call me that

my sister would call me "Hemy". Always went by it and till I found out why. Hemy was short for Hemorrhoid..I get it called sometimes to this day.

Bubblebutt -my dad, he said I had a bubbly butt in diapers and I'm 39, he still calls me that

My name is Alyssa whole family calls me mouse, Lou lou, or Alyssa lou. Couldn't tell you where they came from. Still do, always will!

miss spilly because I was constantly spllling whatever I was eating down the front of me. Thankfully I don't get called that anymore!

my dad calls me peaches because I only had peach fuzz for hair until I was like 3 years old.

Growl, I used to growl at people as a young child.

at my first job at Subway they called me Baconator because I hated bacon and if I run into them they still call me it

Our friend's brother goes by Cheesecake. Not entirely sure why lol

my dad had called me shortcake or shorty for as long as I can

mine was Nana because my younger sibs couldn't say Amanda

I would love to be able to tell you where the heck he got thisname, but I don''t really think there''s a rhyme or reason other thanthat he''s weird... my dad has always called me Dorkbutt. I''m 29 and he still calls me Dorkbutt. >&< &@

We call my daughter bug, bugs or buggy. You call her by her real name she gets angry

Munchkin I was so small as a child but they still call me that now at 30 yrs old

My name is Alexis, so when my younger sister started taking she couldn't pronounce it and would say "Nessis" and it stuck. Everyone called me that and still

Ashley George mcgillacuddy. No idea how I got it or they call me George

Always been a daddies girl and he's called me junior since the day I was born, still no one knows why..

My family calls me Caca... my name is Jessica. My big sisters couldn't say my name when I was born and it stuck!

My dad calls me spunk, yes you read right. Been calling me that since elementary school, no idea where it came from, but it's awkward when he does it in

My parents would call me fattie. Since it went with Madie. I was anything but fat so the looks they got when they called me that were great.

My brothers nickname was booger growing up because he always had a booger nose. He is 20 and it is still booger he is even uncle booger to my kids

My Dad called me mullet which is a fish and I was always in water. I have no clue why that fish. He called me that til the day he died

I earned the nickname TJ after being a huge TJ Hooker fan back in the day.

I call my son boogie since he was a baby. He plays baseball and I keep telling my husband I need to stop yelling h boog at his games. I am sure he appreciated it haha

You guys have any extra Backstreet Boys tickets I can have ?

NICKNAME - I'm 35 years old. My mom still calls me Buddah Baby. I was a real chunky baby and looked like Buddah in diapers.

My nickname is Pepsi, my whole family still calls me this even my best friends and their children l,I''ll be 36 on Friday, when my mom was pregnant with me she would drink a 64 oz Pepsi every day and everyone told her she was going to have a Pepsi instead of a baby... to this day she still drinks her Pepsi... my Best friends mom thought that my real name was Pepsi she didn''t know but my real name really was until a year ago

My name is Madelyn and my nickname is Ming. My little bro tried to spell Maddie years ago and spelled it Ming. It's lasted 20 years.

My daughters initials are PVC and so my mom nicknamed her Piper

Gunner buns. Dad was changing diaper and I s&$t on him. Name stuck. Still calls me gunner or bunzee.

Dandy Tee. Dad made up. Called as long as remember. Real danielle. Mom still intro to new ppl as dandy. I''m 40. Have to tell real bc think I have weird name.

My mom calls me Genarella (like Cinderella) because I''m a middle child and would always complain that I have to do all the chorus. She still says itto me when I''m complaining.

Angel Bum. I have no idea why.

When I was born my bro couldn't pronounce my name, AnnaLisa, he called me NannaGita (Nanna-Geeta) So that & Nannageete has stuck w me ever since. I'm in my

My Dad has called me french fry since I was a little girl. Why? I used to steal french fries off peoples plates in restaurants or anywhere. I'm 31 now. Lol

My dad called me DBD...darling baby daughter

Quarter Pounder. I would put my money on my bed as a kid. I would wake up & quarters were stuck to my butt. My sister had wedgies a lot, she was the Cheese.

Parents call me Big T or tall boy. I'm 26. Gave it to me because I'm 6'4". I'm the only one who can reach the high stuff in the kitchen.

CINCO - I'm the 5th child so there ya go

My parents named me and my twin brother after them. So they always have called us "Cuata" & "Cuate". Basically the Spanish female/male word for Twin.We''re almost 30 years old, our whole family calls us twin!

Moony Moon Grow...I weight 3lbs 11ozs when I was born. My brothers would ask my dad if I was going to grow. That is how I got my nickname.

My real name is Alicia, my dad would call me MISSY since I hated him calling my real name out when I would play basketball in high school.

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My childhood nickname was Joni. It was back in the day when no one cared about seatbelts and we had to ride on our siblings laps to get somewhere because there were so many kids. So it was bony Joni I hated it. I legally change my name as an adult because no one ever called me my name. My mother wasfurious.

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