TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggresive Tuesday!

text wasnt for you booboo. A sore throat is one thing. Stage 3 bronchitis is a whole other story.

Yearly clean up means put all ur garbage in the dumpster not onthe side. If it s full wait til next year. Now I m stuck with ur crap.

stop grouping Millennials and gen z together! It's probably gen z who is upset about their paycheck

Just because you think you're a lawyer, doesn't give you the right to Sue everyone or everything

I dont know why you think my husband should care about you when your an ex that is drunk got 2 dui in the last 2 months of each other. Why dont you worry about getting better for your kids sake and get over it.

To all the hairstylist out there. For the love of all that is holy! Please don''t jam your clippers against our head! They are made of metal...andyes they freaking hurt!

Hey nosy lady... my dog is blind! She can't walk on a leash.. I have to hold her! I promise I won't let her down so she won't attack when she senses evil!

Hey Renters, quit yelling at management for enforcing the rules. You signed a contract!

Drivers that leave a whole car's length space in front of them. Please stop! You're at a stop light. You dont need that much distance

words of appreciation are nice but getting a raise, ever, would be better Money talks

my idiot brother-in-law, cut your hair, you look like a dirty cave man. And trim your beard, it looks like pubic hair growing on your face.

that bronchitis text was for me. Stop being so soft, my throat was hurting but it was definitely not bronchitis. I only invited you cause I felt badfor you. No one was sick.

I used to love this place but ever since you targeted my car in the garage and have given me two damn tickets. First one 50 this

if you don''t want to see pictures of your grandchildren that''s fine but don''t block me then pretend you didn''t do it and someone else in your housedid it.

family over everything huh? Never thought my own mother would purposely try to have my son sent to FOSTER CARE. Blood doesn''t make you family, loyalty does

basically if ur not gonna listen to my advice, don't come cryin to me when u get hurt

stop asking us when we are having grandkids. We are going through infertility so back off

I've been working as a temp for almost 3 years, how me already and give me PTO

You constantly complain how broke you are and how small your paycheck is. Welcome to world millennials, you have to show up to get paid!

screw you. You've make it nearly impossible to graduate and screwed me over financially every semester. U suck

To the crazy lady on 1300 East a few weeks ago. Learn how to merge! There are two lanes that turn into one DUH! Then you want to call into my workplace..

4 kids, I have 1 daughter. She's grown and out on her own but I still call her "My Girly"

I work in collections so there are regulations in place so I'm not able to say what I want to my customers. I don't understand why it's so hard to make

hey boss you probably would hit better numbers if you would maybe listen to your employees and not talk to them like their stupid.

stop plying the victim. I never claimed to be perfect during our relationship but neither were you. I'm tired of being the bad guy

when they hire an unexpired person to run the weld area and don''t know nothing about welding or even how to run the department or being a lead!! micromanaging is it a good thing. Just dumb

stop plying the victim. I never claimed to be perfect during our relationship but neither were you. I'm tired of being the bad guy

Dear car behind me. If you want to pay for my new bumper keep coming closer! All I gotta do is slam on my breaks

Hey online shoppers, stop expecting a refund when u don't send our product back. What part of "Return" do u not understand???

Costco is not a family reunion. Don't take up the whole Section chitchatting. I will run you over

I play coed softball. And the men we play against WALK ALL THETIME! It''s coed guys, swing the bat, your girls are outplaying you!Not attractive = A holes.

hey bro, the fam hates your gf and we're sick of the drama. Get a lawyer and move on.

People! Please learn how to use crosswalks and use them correctly! Tired of waiting for people who cross when they aren't supposed to!

screw you husband! You promised to never hurt our kids you're already breaking promises i can't imagine what you'll be like after the divorce!

you are such a bitch, and treat your husband like crap. He''s an idiot for staying with you and not leaving you for the other women. You treat your friends like shit and you are negative and complain. If you lost some weight maybe you could actually do something.

Hey Karen, your blinker is there for a reason. I can't read your mind!

if you hate Americans don't move here. I don't want a boss that hates the people that work for him

so tired of hearing about how crappy and lazy your husband is. If you aren't going to do something about it and leave his ass, shut up!

We call our daughter "Aleena Weeny" because our other daughter started calling her that because she couldnt say her name.. haha shes going to hate us

To a certain cousin of mine. Get a haircut. You look ridiculous.

passive aggressive: At amusement parks, if you run ahead and get in line and have lots of people in your party, YOU go BACK to them in line instead of all of them cutting in line to join you. Wait yo turn itches.

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