TEXT TOPIC: Does a celeb follow you on social media?

Lebron James started following me on Twitter years ago. I have no idea why

Chrissy Teigan, probably because I am always one of the first to like ALL her photos, and comment nice things otherwise I don''t know

Taylor Swift follows me on tumblr because I did an elaborate birthday wish to her & she followed me & thanked me & still likes some of my posts!

niall horan follows me on twitter. He followed my friend back in college, we were talking and then he followed me randomly. Pauly D follows me too.

Ariana Grande follows me and likes a lot of my posts. She''s followed me for 5 years, I even DMed her when she was here in SLC and asked for tickets. I got 2 tickets to her show.

Chance the Rapper has followed me for about 2 years. He comments on a lot of my tweets, he seems very down to earth.

post Malone's dad follows my son. He doesn't know why but thinks it's cool.

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