TEXT TOPIC: Who are you giving the cold shoulder to?

my cousin, aunt and 1 birth daughter are giving me the cold shoulder. My cousin does not like that I have contact with my 3 birth kids. Her mom, my aunt adopted them. The first couple years we were reconnected was good but my she got jealous I did not spend all my time with her so turned them against me

My best friend is giving me the cold shoulder because my girlfriend is best friends with his ex. So he's ignoring me

my dog is giving me the cold shoulder right now because he got neutered on Saturday.

She told me she didn't want to get into a relationship, 2 weeks later she is dating an old flame. Still wants me to take her out...

shaved my long haired cat to look like a little lion and shes still mad at me a week later

my dog giving me the cold shoulder after taking her to get her vaccinations on Saturday she wouldn't come out for about 2 hours

Me giving my sister the cold shoulder. Bad choices have left her in a bad spot and she''s mad my daughter won''t hand over her divorce settlement to bail her out. Dumb bizzo!!

my hubby is getting the cold shoulder. Used my nice candle as a damn ashtray. There was an ashtray right by it! So annoying

I'm giving my dad the cold shoulder for telling secrets that weren't his plus many other things

my best friend of 6 years abandoned me in Florida after our cruise to be with a guys she's only known for 2 weeks.

I''m getting the cold shoulder from my boss and supervisor because I was sick last week and had to work from home. They oddly take everything personally and cannot understand that sometimes you just can''t come in office. Super awkward and frustrating!

My boss gives me the cold shoulder because I''m the only one in the company that has gonads enough to say no. I drive dump truck and she is always trying to take advantage of me and everyone else

I am giving my mom the cold shoulder after she told me that she could have given me up, aborted me, or kept me and she chose the wrong option

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