TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good!! What is your something good today?

got married on Friday in the canyons.

its my 1 year anniversary on the 18th and we are headed to Vegas baby!!! wish us luck

i have an interview for my dream job this week! So excited!

backstreet boys on wed! Been waiting for this since I was in jr high so excited!!

good news: annoying boss is out of town this week. WOOHOOOOOO

start my new job today after having the month of July off. Feels like I am a kid going back to school, but I am excited!

My good news I got to walk for my bachelors degree over the weekend!! Whoot whoot.

start my new job today. Same company, new position, $10k more per year.

my 6 year old niece is leukemia-free today. Been a rough 2 years for her and she goes to her final appt today!!!

Got back from my first cruise on Saturday. Had a blast!

ON SATURDAY headed out to antelope island for the 7th annual spider fest learning about the local orb spiders out there. It was a positive and fascinating experience. Not creepy for me at all. Loved it

took second in my dance competition in Denver!

my Mom FINALLY got on the lung transplant list!!

something good it was my birthday yesterday and had lots of fun with friends

Spent the last 5 days at flaming Gorge. Was an epic retreat

it's mine and my husbands 8 year anniversary! 6 moves, 2 kids and one purchased house and LOTS of adventures together

after being told for they last 17 yrs I couldnt have kids cause I have PCOS I found out im pregnant over the weekend!!!!!! I have hope for u jess

Finally about finished with my job at the U, doing all the glass on the new ambulatory building, and may finally be getting serious starting my custom home furniture and finishes business. –Masters

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