TEXT TOPIC: Do you have someone that is sexually inappropriate at work?

I work in finance and it's unavoidable. These men think they're untouchable. They make size jokes, touch you, imply getting into bed with you. Horrible.

I work in a pretty small office and the problem is w ONE dang client! He comes in and says the most inappropriate things and is oblivious

This happened to my daughter when she was working. Happened with an assistant manager when she was only 16 and he was 25. He had put his arms around her and would hug her he would rub her shoulders then started to rub her stomach. She finally told me so I went in and asked him to come out front. I had a talk with him. I basically told him keep your hands to yourself. if it happens again I''ll kick your ass and I''ll report you to the police.

work in construction and it is the way of life

worked in restaurants in the past customers always made uncomfortable sexual remarks. my boss finally l stepped in at a regular table (of his "friends") and told them he wasn’t okay with it

My CEO sexually harassed me for months where he also happened to be HR so I couldn’t go to anyone. He cornered me in my office, grabbed my butt and put a $20 bill on my desk thanking me as he left

A Female married co-worker is the worst at inappropriate innuendo and HR had our team including her take a hour long S-Harassment educational training and she still thinks she’s exempt.

work with mostly women and they are the ones sexually harassing and being inappropriate. They have a tight group so no repercussions... Total reversal.

at my last job had a coworker stick his hands down my shirt and bra. Twice. Took 4 months for the owner to fire him. Caused a lot of trauma.

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