TEXT TOPIC: Baby come too quick, didn't have time to get to the hospital?

My Sis in law was born at a birthing class which was in an old funeral home with ugly floral carpet. Her nickname is Flora

I have a friend who was almost named Chevy because her parents didn’t make it to the hospital on time and she was born in her dad's pickup truck

Had baby #3 in 46 minutes start to finish. Born in our living room. Front door wide open

My friend delivered her baby in the driveway what is funnier if she is a nurse so she thought he knew how long to wait

gave birth in the back of my van. It was a miracle because I was high risk, 5 weeks early, VBACK, and he came out feet first. The attending physician who sent me home is no longer a doctor.

I was born in a trailer bathtub. Crazy thing is my mom had no clue she was pregnant and thought the pain was just from and upset stomach after being at a carnival all day.

Planned on having baby in birthing center with midwife. Baby was coming fast. Midwife got to our house with minutes to spare. Born on the bathroom floor

My mom went for a walk in the morning. Walked around 5 miles and ended up having me in the shower when she got home!

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