TEXT TOPIC: What is your Ambien story?

What is your Ambien story?

my husband took one Ambien, he woke up started to cook on the stove trying to make eggs. Then he was looking for burglars underneath the pillows

my friend tried to hot glue ribbons to her cat. She also walked around the house naked lol

When I took Ambien, I had a full conversation with my husband one time about how baby carrots were The offspring of big carrots. I would also constantly change accents and one time recorded a live video on a Facebook page of me doing headstands

woke up with sun flower seeds shell and peach rings all over me with the lights on in bed

Videoed ex husband because he didn''t believe the things he''d doon it. He used to hold our daughter''s baby dolls like they were real

had a friend in high school that would take an ambian before the last class every day, and I gave him rides home. He would hallucinate like crazy, he was regularly scared to go Into his house because he thought there were monsters and people waiting to kill him inside.

my MIL had a heart attack and my FIL had to drive her to the hospital in the middle of the night but has no recollection of how he even drove her there.

Traveling for work to Tokyo and my married coworker took Ambien for the flight and told me how he "really felt" about me and how he loved. He tried to smell my hair, touch my face, hold my hand and cuddle the entire 14 hour flight! It was awful and hilarious!

my cousin took ambien on his way home. He got Taco Bell also. He wakes up the next morning with Taco Bell strung all through his front room and he said there was a knight standing in his doorway. Lmao = he was wondering wtf happened.

drove from Bountiful to WJ, forgetting that I had already taken my Ambien. I still have NO CLUE how I got home.

used to take ambien. I would often wake up with puffy eyes like I''d been crying. I would ask my husband, "Did we get in an argument last night?"I guess I would get all emotional and start fights with my husband. No recollection whatsoever

Realized I was ordering thru amazon every night due to the ambien high.

couldn't keep my phone within reach because I woke up too many times with text conversations that I didn't remember.

my bro took an ambn on a flight to Europe for a cruise but never fell asleep. He thought the lady next to him had a dog in her lap even tho his wife kept telling him she didn''t. So he asked the lady. She lol''d, it was her coat. The lady ended up being on their same cruise and laughed every time she saw him. Don''t think he''s ever taken one since.

my ex was pregnant and on ambian. She went into labor. Doesn't. Remember. Any of it!

the night before my mother passed (it was just sit and wait situation) I had all that stress and took my ambien couldn''t fall asleep but remember bits and pieces of talking to pots and pans in the garage all night. My siblings just laugh when they remember that night. It made a good memory in a horrible time.

after I took Ambien I got on a dating website and talked on the phone for 8 hours to some guy.. It become R rated..when he called me the next day I had no clue who he was..he told me things I said so I knew I talked to him

Every time l take ambien, before falling asleep l see ghosts and what’s disturbing is sometimes it’s people l know that have passed. FREAKY!!!

didn’t know my 40 something cousin had already taken her nightly Ambien when I went to her house. We ended up hacking in to her 20 something sons Facebook and reading his messages with girls. I mentioned it the next morning, she had no recollection and swore me to secrecy.

had taken ambien one night to help me fall asleep as I had done several times and never had a reaction like this my son walked into my Room to see that I was hanging myself from my headboard if it wasn''t for my son coming home who knows where I would have been today

my mother in law takes it and video calls my wife, the words repeat, she says, things like the jesus on my night stand is talking to me, last night she said there is a monster in her doorway tried to turn the phone around and hung up, nightly occurrence

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