TEXT TOPIC: What bad trait did your kid get from you?

My 3rd word after mama and dada was S.H.I.T. Used correctly in context. My parents decided they needed to clean up their language after that.

Being a Marine, I would knife hand a lot. Essentially pointing with all my fingers. I would do this sometimes when I get upset or frustrated. now myoldest boy who turns for next month does it sometimes when he gets frustrated. I think it''s hilarious

I got it from my mom, my daughter got it from me. The need to control and lead every situation. My daughter is always "in charge" of what her and her

My husband is super crazy anal about money and he constantly talks about is so now my ten-year-old son and six-year-old daughter are always concernedabout the cost of things! DRIVES ME CRAZY

My son will yell come on grandpa when someone is driving slow in front of us, I've got the road rage

I growl when I get frustrated or annoyed and my daughter has done it since before she was two years old and then I realized it was for me. So now wetell each other that we''re going to work on it together.

Our boy did the "huh" thing all the time. Ended up needing tubes in his ears, and turns out he said huh because he actually couldn't hear lol

We sing a lot in my house, but I often make up words to songs if I can''t remember the actual lyrics. And they''re not even close, they''re like completely ridiculous and stupid. My three-year-old daughter has been doing this for over a year now. And I''m pretty sure she''s the next weird Al.

I have a almost 3 year old and when I tell him no don't do that, he says "but I say yes" or vis versa

My son is constantly biting his nails, no matter how much I remind him not to. My husband does the same thing and it DRIVES. ME. INSANE!!!!!

Swearing! My husband plays his Xbox games and doesn''t pay attention to what he''s saying in the presence of our 3yr old. He even called him out on it"Daddy, what did you just say?" Lmao

I'm a loud talker and sound like I'm yelling even when I'm just talking. My son does it and my husband hates us both haha

My son learned sh*t word. Mostly in rush hour traffic. First time he said it someone pulled in my lane causing to hit brakes hard. He yells out "Oh, sh*t!"

My daughter has picked up yelling at stupid drivers== she will be turning 16 in a couple months.

I taught my son that bats are called bird-puppies and his cowboy boots are called shit kickers. Makes me smile every time!!

My son Theo who is 3 got my "commenting road rage" of ahhh stupid driver is an idiot, that person is a moron, come onget the lead out.

slow driver me: f***ing go car! My child in the drive thru: f***ing go car!

I'm OCD about time my 19 & 17 year old's are too and their friends are always later & it drives my teens crazy

In a sense of urgency, I are used to yell for my sister from another room. When she would get in my room I would simply ask her to turn off the lights. LOL. My son now does the same thing. Imagine my excitement...

I say sorry all of the time, for things that aren''t even my fault and my son has picked this up from me. He just said "sorry mom,I can''t eat anymore. I''m full

my MIL likes to shop at thrift stores and fill my house with other people''s used crap. Well, I probably need to stop talking about how it bothers me because I heard my kids tell her the other day - "dont let my mom see that you brought that! She throws that kind of crap away!"

My husband uses the f word... a lot. One day at church h I got frustrated and said it. I went red hoping no one heard... I went home early that day.

My sister and I used to say "get your shit together" and now my 4 year old niece says it to her 6 year old sister.

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