TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family that thinks they have you fooled?

Mom had soo much plastic surgery to her face all at once. says she's just "aging well" but ur not foolin anyone when u looked different last week

It's my sister in law always says she had money and has bought two house the last two years and we found out she had done bankruptcy last week

My sis in law thinks we all think she has the perfect instagram blogger life, but she actually is having some major issues and we aren't fooled!

Its my sister! She likes to tell everyone that she hates drama! We ALL know she's the main source of drama in our family

My cousin used to be a stripper and raaaaaked in the cash. She tried to convince us all she waitressed at a really busy Denny''s and would have taken that story to the grave with her. We ain''t stupid girl. We knew.

A co-worker thinks they have everyone fooled. Constant lies of family death, money, appts, relationships- all proven false. Boss is the ONLY fooled one.

My brother doesn''t think any of us know that he drinks but we all know he drinks. There was a beer commercial on and my nephew said oh that''s my dad''s favorite drink.

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