TEXT TOPIC: Happy PA Tuesday! What is your passive aggressive text?

Hey Steven, a lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. Figure your ish out!!!!

To a certain manager of mine. Stop treating your employees like crap. Enough already.

RAMONA QUIT TURNING UP THE HEAT !! A.C. needs to be on at work when it''s 100 outside!

hey I know you want to get married but you have known him for 2 weeks. Don''t be mad your friends don''t approve. You''re gunna loose you''re friends. THIS IS THE THIRD TIME THIS HD HAPPENED!

bosses who don''t know how to manage. Can''t believe i finally made it out of a toxic management.. constantly degrading, holding your job over your head.. making themselves look good and always telling you you''re not good enough..

Why did u block me on Facebook after you got married? I thought our breakup was good and that we could still be friends. You're petty. Bye.

Stop sitting in the wrong seats at the movie theater, we chose our seats for a reason. I don''t like having to ask you to move making it awkward for all of us

your son has his own mind and opinions. Stop making me out to be the bad guy you''re just a bully and he doesn''t want to be around you. And the only reason he even comes to family stuff is because I make him!

You give me a write up at work for occasionally checking my phone for texts, cause I want to check on my sick husband. But you get to stand around and talk and laugh like a dying cow instead of doing your job... not my business though.

I don't need you to show me the fastest way to scan my cantaloupe jerry. I came to self checkout for a reason.

I love my wife don''t get me wrong but it''s frustrating that I bust my butt to send you to conventions and seminars but when I want to spend $70 to go to a high school reunions that''s only once every 10 years we somehow cant afford that

Don''t be mad because I was offered the job because our boss thinks I''m better st it than you. If you have a problem with it, why don''t you talk to our boss instead of complaining to everyone else.

MOM: I'm pregnant stop telling me that I shouldn't gain more than 20 pounds. Worry about the baby not the weight.

If you arent going to take medical leave to take care of your sick husband, then come to work to work, not sit and cry and dump your job on the rest of us.

just because you own an expensive vehicle doesn't mean you own the road. Have respect for others on the road!

my PAT goes with July 24th as well. when you're in you're car parked watching fireworks turn off your headlights!

when you set the ac to 76 and complain that you're cold when everyone is hot! Put on a dang sweater and turn it down!

18 and older. Don't keep relying on your parents cause you wanna live it up. Get off your ass and get a job! Y'all need a swift kick!

hey you dumb ho. Just because I don't believe in the afterlife was not me dissing on your dead friend. It's personal, back the eff up

Blue Dodge Ram on Redwood I'm Bluffdale...you're not my husband so stop riding my ass!

dear wife don't tell me I can't spend $4 on ice cream because you won't eat it when you spend $40 on veggies at the grocery store

love my wife Why can we afford $1000 trip for you to go to Nashville with your friends but we can't afford me to take a $70 ski trip with my buddy

the next time you decide to take my work ideas as your own, be prepared for me to come in and prove what a moron you are

yo karla sorry you're a mess but the company hired me to help you with your job not the other way around so don't be a jerk to me I can handle my job!

hey Denise, you are the new girl don''t tell me how to do my job.I''ve been doing it for 25 years you have been here for a hot minute so back up. Your wearing your welcome right out!

Diana, stop going through the dating roladex. Learn how to be single for more than 30 seconds!

you're stupid fly traps smell like a dead rotting carcass and attracts more flys than it traps.

just cuz me and my little are at the pool, does not mean you can leave yours (who I don't know) by themselves for me to feel obligated to watch.

When going through the check out line, get off your phone call. Those workers aren't your slaves and deserve to be talked and listened to.

Husband, thanks for finally deciding you want to get pregnant... now that I don't know if i want it right now.

Hey you high maintenance B if your going to be a trash talking drunk at least you should stay sober enough to stand up so I can knock you in your ass.

Dear wife, I''ve been asking for your help financially for 2 years. Guess it''s time for an ultimatum. Get a job or our marriage will take a long walk off a short pier!

to the D-bag trying to get my # on the FREEWAY - keep your eyes on the road. You''re an accident waiting to happen. I''m clearly not interested so get away and stop riding directly next to me

listen here sam.if you dont like your job just leave. I hate seeing my wife come home past midnight fixing your screw ups

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