TEXT TOPIC: Do you read your spouses or kids journal?

had a feeling to read 16 yr old daughter’s journal-not a regular practice for me- found out she was cutting. I had no idea she was struggling. This led to other realizations and we were able to get her help before it was too late.

I keep a daily journal and my husband started to read it with out my permission. It caused a lot of problems in our relationship.

something was up with my ex and I suspected an affair. Read he diary and found she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

my mom read my journal all through high school. That's how she found out I lost my virginity. I was mortified.

husband read journal when we were first dating. I wrote some mean stuff about him. I was soo embarrassed I stopped writing In case someone read it

I have read them but more importantly is looking through the phones when they sleep. My kids say they know I did. #dontcaregoodparenting

my mom read my journal but still denies it till this day. I would write in my journal every single night so I knew right where I put it

my father in law read my MIL diary after she left him. In it she had admitted to having 8 affairs

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