TEXT TOPIC: What is your something good going on in your life?

What is your something good going on in your life?

YOU'RE ALL BACK! mornings r legit boring AF w/out the show!

Turned the big 5-0 last Monday.

I'm finally getting out of the fog of postpartum. Months of trying to figure out my meds and I'm finally in a good place!

just found out I'm going to see HEART, my first concert I'm 45.

I'm literally on a cruise ship right now listening to you guys! Going to Mexico!

currently on vacation in St. George with my awesome in-laws! 14 people in one rental condo and I LOVE it! Love hanging with these beautiful people!

This Thursday I'll be a year in recovery first time ever made is so long!

went to gym for first time in 8 weeks after broken foot and torn meniscus.

have been plus size for more than 20 years and started on my weight loss journey 3 years ago. This weekend I went shopping and I am a size 12!

After months of looking and searching and application fees.. Me and my family got into a beautiful home.. 1 mile away from my mom (: far enough but close enough at the same time!!

I won the Glen Eagle golfclub mens club championship over the weekend. I defended my title from last year to win it back2 back years.

I am flying to Kenya this week to lead a humanitarian trip. It''s my 9th trip in 10 years. Biggest blessing in my life! #kenyabelieveit

we just completed our 9th Saints to Sinners relay in honor of my amazing brother in law Creighton Rider! #livetilyoudie #kickals

after my exhusband created a secret family and left me with all the bills and ruined my credit with 5 kids full time I just bought my first house on my own!

I completed my 5th Olympic Triathlon this weekend 

found out over the weekend I am pregnant with my first child! So excited for this amazing change! Me and my husband cried for sure!

34 weeks with our twins! And we have our delivery date! Its all coming up so soon.

found out I'm pregnant TODAY! After a year and half of trying. We had completed all our testing at RCC and was about to do IVF. Timing is crazy

got a promation at work and is now the boss of the daycare that I work at

Starting my first day with a great position at the University of Utah today. My previous job occupied all of my time and I did not have any work life balance. This is an incredible change for my family. Very grateful

my rainbow baby turned 2 on Saturday! Can't believe how old she is!!!

new 82' Q90 tv being delivered Wednesday! Also, I'm seeing heart as well.

Sold our home that we've been in for about 11 yrs. Will be moving to a little bit bigger home soon! Excited but nervous!

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