TEXT TOPIC: What is the reason you ended up at Instacare last week?

What is the reason you ended up at Instacare or in the ER last week? 

My daughter got stung in the eye by a bee, it was swollen shut and got infected. She had to get a steroid and antibiotics

building a desk, stabbed NOT a flathead, but a PHILLIPS through my hand when a piece broke

had to go to urgent care bc I got a silicone earplug stuck in my ear right against eardrum. Took 2 people and special tools to get it out

work in one of the busiest insta-cares and we had everything from foreign objects in rectums to "coffee poisoned me

husband broke His foot

went to the ER after drinking too many energy drinks and having chest pain for over 4 hours that would not go away.

last week my long time cowboy dad fell off of his horse! We took him to insta care who told us his injuries were too serious and sent us to the ER! Two broken wrists that required surgery a plate and 11 screws later I now have a dad that can''t even hold his tooth brush!

went to cedar city with whole extended family for Shakespeare festival this week. My husband was vomiting and had horrible back pain so we went to the ER--horrible back pain + vomit has sounds like kidney stones

my sis bought a new cabin & my hubby & I are helping remodel. On the 24th he dropped a 2x4 with an old nail on his foot. He earned a trip to instacare

bee sting on ankle infection on total ankle and calf red and infected

this past Saturday my son was stepped on by a bull so we spent Saturday night in ER. He has broken pelvis femur and foot.

on the 24th my sister separated her shoulder while we were tubing on my boat. Tube hit a roller and she FLEW. worst part is we were all laughing our heads off until we got close enough and realized she was hurt

my 17 year old daughter had a massive cyst on her ovary. Ended up in ER

Niece had a delayed allergic reaction to a jellyfish sting from our vacation a few weeks ago. Put on steroids and told she could be at risk of anaphylaxis next time

My son had the same thing as your son Frankie, when he was 3. He linked his neck somehow and it was horrible. We used an essential oil called deep blue and it helped his neck. We also took him to a chiropractor for a few weeks.

Daughter cut finger on folding step stool. Went to the insta care the doctor was a lazy weenie and said he couldn''t stitch it up and I had to take her to primary children''s ER to be sedated. Called my pediatrician got a second opinion went to a different urgent care and they were able to fix it with liquid bandages. Mad at the 1st doctor that wanted to send her to the ER.

went in from unusual bleeding out my vag. (Sorry, med text) anyway, they found a cyst the size of a cantaloupe that they said was cancerous

had a cold for a few days, took a nap and woke up wheezing cause my throat was swelling shut. Right to the ER.

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