TEXT TOPIC: Now that you are a mom, what won't you do anymore?

Now that you are a mom, what won't you do anymore?

thongs and high heels

don't Watch porn or risqué shows!!! Especially with a lot of "naughty" words

jumping on a trampoline. Not worth the leakage and feeling jiggly.

mama can’t hang anymore when it comes to alcohol! Used to be able to crush a box of wine a night, but now I’m lucky if I get the juice box size of wine in without having a 3 day hangover.

stopped wearing low cut shirts once I became a mom. These boobies are food for my kids not your eyes anymore!

won’t cliff dive any more, no lakes without life jackets. Anything risky really, I’m always worried about leaving my kids without a mom! I was so carefree before them

won't wear shorts that are too short.

wear leggings out of the house. I don’t feel self conscious in them I just feel to mature or old... I’m not a high school girl anymore 

used to send nudes to the hubs and some guy friends but once I had kids, thanks to stretch marks I don't do it anymore

stopped staying at house parties until 3am my kids weren't going to be sleeping in random places when they have their own beds

no more extra freaky stuff in the bedroom

I can’t fight people anymore! Lol like I can''t confront jerks that push me , cut me off , say horrible racists things . I have to suck it up and respond in a more rational way

No more shorts for me.

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