TEXT TOPIC: New place and found out a horrible thing happened there?

rented home neighbors told us. Prev owner committed suicide and body wasn’t found for 3 months. Didn’t bother us.

i lived in a beautiful old historic rental home in Ogden. I always felt like I was being watched, I was terrified of the basement which is where the laundry room was. After I bought my new house, I was talking about how the new house didn''t feel creepy at all and my ex mentioned that he researched the rental house and there was several deaths over the years. It was built in the 1800''s. I was so glad I didn''t live there anymore.

My sister moved into a house and then found out there was a murder-suicide there. A man killed his step daughter and his dog and then himself. She found out from a maintenance man they came to work on the house.

The house right across the street has had 2 deaths in the past 5 yrs. One suicide and one heart attack. Just got sold. Don''t know if the new homeowners know. Haven''t met them.

my apartment complex was an abortion clinic back in the day and some days I feel like I can hear screams

dads house had a guy who killed his wife there and then he was killed by swat in the backyard, dad thinks it's awesome

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