TEXT TOPIC: Have you ever been kicked out of a bar?

We pre-gamed before going into Gracie''s. My friend fell outside while in line to get in. She was pretty drunk. We were 86ed before we even entered. I was so mad.

once it was my birthday to many shots and threw up at the table and was passing out so out I went very embarrassing

this girl was trying to grind on me I told her to get off I'm married she left and told the bouncer I touched her inappropriately they threw me out

wasn't allowed to go in to a bar for my go away party because I had pregamed too hard and was stumbling Learned my lesson

was roofied and went to the restroom at a bar and started to puke. They kicked me out right away because they thought I drank too much. Not my best night...

last New Year''s Eve -waitress comes over and says I''m going to get you guys effed up. She did. I don''t know how many shots or drinks I had but I got up on stage and danced and threw up everywhere. We were asked to leave. Don''t remember a thing

To this day, I still don''t know for sure & But I think I saw some guy slip something in a girls drink, so I confronted him and the bartender. I requested he be removed from the bar and the bartender claimed he was a regular, comes in all the time and, instead, kicked me out for "causing a scene". Watch your drinks, ladies!

my bestie kept falling over while dancing. When the bouncer came to get her she was trying to convince him it was a dance move.

gave the bar tender a 20 for one drink and he didn''t give me my change back. I asked him about it and he played stupid with me so I called him out and he had the bouncer come grab me by the arm to throw me out. I''m a girl 5'' 2" 120lbs. What a cool guy

got kicked out of confetti club back in the day for getting too hot and heavy with a girl. im a girl too. your welcome Frankie

a group of guys and me (woman) got kicked out of a strip club in Vegas because the 5k bill was declined on the card >#. Fast forward a week, they were trying to charge 15k, so it was their fault!

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