TEXT TOPIC: Did your spouse cheat and you won't let them forget it?

my aunt always telling uncle to be good every time out the door after an affair 30 yrs its degrading

at the beginning of our relationship, my husband cheated on me. It hurt so bad but I forgave him and took him back after he worked for my trust, but it came up at random times.. causing fights for 2 years. What brought me closure? I forgave him and the other girl... and now she and I are actually good friends now.

my wife did stuff almost 10 years ago now. I actually don''t ever really bring it up but whenever we start to fight I can''t help butt feel resentful feelings. Even if I''m just slightly mad at her does resentful feelings blow it up inside my head. The real problem is that I don''t know how to stop that from happening

I WAS a cheater but never cheated on my husband...our entire relationship he has rubbed my face for 7 yrs. Bomb finally blew getting divorced.

I do lashes and I have a client who slipped up l about 4 years ago but her husband has to facetime her during her appt. If we go 5 min over he is calling

this happened to My brother and sister in law. She cheated a few years ago and he stills brings it up regularly. Regularly as in like weekly and try''s to use it to manipulate her into letting him do whatever he wants cause it''s "fair"

husband was sexting with a co-worker. I found out, stayed with him. He did it again a year later with same woman. Stayed with him, even tho it was extremely hard. It''s been 5 years but I always worry about that happening again.

I'm a couples therapist and that is the #1red flag that the couple won't make it. My advice, either split or make your peace with it...

My ex husband was cheated on by his first wife. I never cheated. But because of his past relationship, he never trusted me. He was very controlling over who I was with and where I went. Even my girlfriends. Was a big part of our marriage ending after almost 24 years.

Spouse cheated for years we worked through the situation and now every Time there''s is triggering situations iit sits on the tip of my tongue. One day when It slips it will be what destroys us

happened 6 yrs ago was kept a secret for 5. My now husband and was best friend of 16 years had cheated together while i was under the same roof and "friend" chose to get drunk going out with me after 3 months into me being a newlywed and took that as a good time to tell me everything in detail. I now am the one struggling to get over this betrayal while they said they had to get off their chest and is now having a baby happy with their husband while i am struggling to even want to have a kid with mine because of this burden they dumped on me.

my husband dad cheated on his mom and got the girl pregnant and he didn't know he had a half brother until he was 20 and shortly after his mom divorced him

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