TEXT TOPIC: Who is the person in your family that spoils things?

my husband! I knew my birthday present for a month before.

I beg for spoilers! I was hounding my hubby for Stranger Things spoilers and he hates spoiling things for people so he wouldn''t tell me! I just liketo know and not go through all the emotional stress!

My little sister! Can't keep ANY secrets: birthday/Christmas presents, other people's pregnancy announcements and marriage problems, tv shows, movies.

My 15 year old son can't keep a secret to save his life. My husband and I both learned to stop giving him info about birthday surprises

my future mother in law. She can never keep a secret for ANYTHING!!!! Everything is always everyone's business.

that is so meeeee. I don't do it on purpose but then again I talk to much haha

It''s me!! I get so excited about things that I either don''t hear and don''t listen when people say that they haven''t watched that episode yet. The. Istart blabbing my mouth

it used to be me! I guess I wanted the attention or something? So embarrassed now!

it's my husband's 40th birthday today! Happy birthday Leighton! We love you!

my husband. He recently told one person about our pregnancy and that person told everyone in our family as well as friends and ruined my fun plannedpicture with our daughter announcing she will be a big sister.

Its me!! LoL mom got engaged to someone nobody likes, so I toldmy entire family! She asked me not to, but too late! Oops! =3

my younger brother is the one who spoils movies for me. When the last avengers movie came out, he told me and many other people that three of the characters died in the movie!! Ughh! =

my hubby loves to spoil movies, we''re geeks so we LOVE Marvel movies but 1 of us will go alone so that 1 can take the kids to bathroom when we all goand not miss anything

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