TEXT TOPIC: Who don't you trust around your spouse?

my husband's ex-coworker. No way! She flirts with him when I'm around, never trusted her. Found out later she made out with another co-worker who is also married

don''t trust my husbands ex wife with him. He had a hard time telling her no when it comes to money, help with something and even has asked if she can join us on family vacations.

don''t trust my friend that just moved by us. She don''t get sex from her husband anymore. She lets everyone know and then she looks at my husband like he''s a piece of meat. And flirts big time

my friend is very insecure and my husband is a sweet attractive guy. She was my partying friend and we'd drink a lot and she'd always cry saying she was

my husband would say my cousin's brother-in-law. He's been coming to our family reunion's for the past couple years and seems to really enjoy my company

It''s one of my BFF''s. Same as Jess''s example- very sexual. She likes to flaunt her stuff. A little too much at times. She just gives me a vibe at times. Has struggles in her marriage. Around guys at functions, more than the girls. when she talks about crashing at my house after a late night, I''m definitely like, "uh no."

this girl that went to high school with my spouse and was a HUGE problem for the first few years of our relationship. Calling & texting him to hangout, see how is day was, dressing/acting inappropriate around him..you name it. I DO NOT trust or like her. girl he''s married.. time to back off! Luckily we haven''t heard much from her in awhile since my guy finally just stopped responding to her!

My brother-in-law had a thing for my wife all throughout high school. He even asked her to a dance while my wife and I were dating and kissed her that night. He later married her younger sister. The only two people he''s ever kissed is his wife and mine and still talks about how great the kiss was with my wife.

dont trust his best friends wife. She is very flirty out going and they say its normal for the wife to call all his friends including my man but I put a stop to that!

banned my husband from a life time friend after she tried multiple times to end our marriage. pictures of her booty & highly inappropriate texts.

my husband doesn't trust a lesbian that I do volunteer work with. Don't know why he's worried. I don't swing that way

It's me don't leave your girl around me better hold on to her like she's an unlimited edition

hubby hates my former coworker, didn’t trust him at all.

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