TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive Text this week?

Hey Steven, thanks for waiting until 10 minutes before the end of my work day to give me a 2 hour project! I love working 11 hour days!

I'd rather get hit in the shnuts over and over than go on a road trip with you. So the answer isn't no, it's HELL no

you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Stop stringing your wife along. You either want to be married or you don’t. You’re breaking her heart and it isn’t fair to your kids. Make up yo damn mind bro.

Hey idiot In the maroon Volvo semi no vehicles over 12000 GVWR or vehicles pulling trailers in left 2 lanes get out of the fast lane dummy

To my idiot co-worker, stop criticizing everyone else's work when yours is straight up garbage!! You're the worst!!

PLEASE adjust UR sprinklers! My car is done growing.

Leash your dogs on the Farmington trails. Your dog may be friendly but mine is not and everytime your off leash dog charges us you push back his training and make his dog aggression worse. There are leash laws for a reason.

To the creepy 54 year old guy on Facebook trying to give away a car if you find him a wife aged 20-39....ewww. Get real, get a life and get a mirror!

to my ex best friend. You were the one sending inappropriate messages to my husband, but by all means, block me and turn our other friend against me

To a certain co worker. You seriously need to stop putting up the bahooo card and feeling you're being picked on. It's getting old here. Stop it!!

I'm tired of being the reliable one at work. I am the only reason that office functions daily! Get your shit together, grow up and SHOW up!

stop acting like you're the god of our product and ordering people around, people would like you if you stopped acting like a jack Ass

for all you people going to concerts, it''s not the arena or employees fault that the celebrity you came to see set all these stupid rules we have to enforce.

stop saying your kid is strong willed. Nah honey your kid is a spoiled brat. Learn the difference

just because you have the authority to change a process at work, don''t change anything without talking to the other managers when the change you make affects everyone! F''en dumbass

Hey stupid coworker stop clipping finger nails and toe nails at work!!!!!

Why yes, I did transfer at work because of you. UR an ass!!!

I know he is your son, but learn when to let me be his wife! 7 years lady! Time to cut the strings!

to fwy drivers: I'm in a giant box truck, please stop cutting me off like I can stop on a dime. It's dangerous & I will hit you

working isn't optional it's a necessity. Get out of bed and go to work, and if you can't get up because of drinking the night before DON'T DRINK!

to the new neighbors that just moved in- please unpack all your shit at a decent hour not at 2 a.m. ! While everyone is sleeping &have to be up for work at 6am ! #have respect! =!

learn how to clean up after yourself at the gym before you bring your 12 yr old to train for ego lifting championships.

Your constant complaining of the activities the ward put on is driving any friends you have away from you.

Please get out of the left lane if you want to drive the speed limit or under the speed limit.

Girl, don''t act like you feel bad for being out of town for 2 weeks and not helping with the workload, even when you''re in the office, you don''t do JACK, except be on your phone, Pinterest or FB =$

warnin him2b careful w me isnt goin2change a thing.u hvnt spoken2me in ovr6yrs,u knw nothin bout me so f u

you're rude to the team, cry & go home all the time, & lazy to boot. Grow up, get help, & it's not all about you at work.

Please don't make me feel like I don't belong in this country.

the bratty girls at the gym who I smile at as I'm walking by and they just stare and won't smile back. It won't kill you to be kind!

To the "homeless" guy on 106th S. You've been there since Oct 2017. Get a new corner or an actual job.

road trip this weekend and I still can''t get over the idiots who drive slow in the left lane and ignore the signs telling slower drivers to stay in the right lane! Don''t flip me off because you''re too stupid to figure it out!

hey boss thanks for retiring and deciding to hire your son as your replacement. What the eff did I put in all this work for?

Crack a momma joke about my mom again. I will drop you and you won't get up

hey ahole. You're not the only one working that 11 hour. That last min proj affect us all. Come talk to me

To my Saturday working co worker Don''t ask me questions on Saturday when I''m at home you know I''m not at work and I don''t know what your referencing so all you did was ruin my weekend

after six years of friendship you treat me like crap and talk to me as if I'm an awful person and then have the nerve to ask me for a massive favor? Hahaha.

If you're constantly feeling picked on, you're not the victim, you're the problem...

I know that guy on 106 South he has a name it''s Alex. There''s a reason he stays right there, and you don''t know his story. He''s not a fake homeless man, those are the ones you should be mad at. He suffers with mental illness and I''ve seen him try to be a part of society but Society doesn''t want him there. He is a very nice man

hey twin o mine. Maybe if you took better care of your car, you wouldn't have surprise expenses

if the intersection is already blocked, don't continue to drive into it! You're part of the problem! Stop just stop!!

turn your brights off when approaching another car at night on a road trip! I don't need to go blind cause you're dumb!

To a certain co worker. You seriously need to stop acting like Ms. Police officer it''s not necessary especially when the security person has everything under control. It''s getting old here.

just because I'm amazing at my job doesn't mean I can handle an infinite amount of work. Other coworkers need to start working or get written up

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