TEXT TOPIC: Did something happen to you more than 3 times?

I have had chicken pox 4 times. I don't have an immunity to it. Even after getting the immunization.

I had chicken pox 3 times

identity theft x3-all men. I''m a woman. Police had nerve to tell me that one was a really nice guy! I thought I was getting punked

every November for like 4 years in a row I was in a car accident. All minor but enough I didn’t drive in the month of November for a while 

had chicken pox six times and the vaccine

I've had the chicken pox 4 times. Hospitalized once, they were so bad

Our toddler broke her arm three times in a year. Once from falling off a toy, once from falling off a chair, and once from tripping and falling on a carpeted floor. The funny thing is, she also likes doing all sorts of acrobatics and she never hurts herself that way. Her pediatrician finally put her in calcium supplements.

my hubs is a jinx on wed! He has known about 8 people who have all died on a Wednesday!

broke my foot 3 times walking out of the same doctor’s office & just by walking no tripping or falling

broke the same exact bone 3 times

I've been thru 5 merger/acquisitions

I’ve broken the growth plate in my ankle 5 times in my left foot and twice in the same spot on the right. Happened at the same time once

I have been hit by a car 3 times not in car

got pulled over for the same thing three times in one day. It was all because I had tint in my back window and they couldn't see my temp plate

my husband had totaled 3 cars in one year. None were his fault

my daughter by the age of 11 has broken 4 of the growth plates in her knuckles on her hands.ring fingers and pinkies on both hands

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