TEXT TOPIC: Did someone in the family throw out some of your valuables?

My grandma got rid of all my dad's comics when he went to Air Force basic training. He still holds it against her, 40 years later.

My grandpa had a TON of baseball cards that his dad gave him, year rang 1900 - 1980s my grandma accidentally threw them out while cleaning. Possibly millions worth

MIL threw out her record player and her hundreds of records. Many are now hard to find. She thought no one would want it!

my dad gave my Mini bottle collection that I started collecting when I was 19 away to my brothers and sisters and they threw a party 5 weekend in a row with my collection that was worth thousands

my mom sold my American girl dolls and all the clothing and accessories without me knowing so that my sister could take a humanitarian trip. #favchild

wife threw out a double stamp walking liberty silver dollar

my mom gave the neighbor kids my old pokemon cards including my first edition foil charzard that is worth a lot

my kids going to my super rare coin collection while I was at work to get money for the ice cream truck

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